Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finals, small hands, and a birthday

I hate finals week! I am a procrastinator when it comes to school, which makes this week terrible. I always have good intentions! I bring home all of my studying supplies, but somehow manage never to crack a book open until the last minute. I never feel prepared for a test and it's all because I wait to study. Of course, after the final is over, I swear that I am changing my ways. No more last minute studying for this girl! To bad finals only happen twice a year. I tend to forget that terrible feeling that finals bring to the pit of my stomach.

Re-learning the past semester of physics has been great fun! I am surprised with how much I already knew. Maybe, I actually have learned something in that class. Weird.


In other news, thanks to a particular ginger, the evil study hall moniter has started making fun of my small hands. Who does she think she is? She does not know that power of my hands! Good thing I only have one more semester left with her. First, she purposely moves me from my friends for she isnt bored during study hall and now she makes fun of me? Enough is enough.


It was my partner in crimes birthday yesterday! She spent the day before her birthday whining about how we dont care about her birthday. Of course, when he tried showing we cared, she thought we were mocking her. I have never mocked her in my life. Why would I start the day before her birthday? (cough cough) So I bought balloons, streamers, and a muffin from perkins on top of her gift.

That girl better be happy! She didnt kick anyone that I know of either... So proud!

Happy 18th Birthday love!

Put some fun stuff in that gift I gave you and enjoy being an adult!

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