Wednesday, January 30, 2013


On Saturday a few friends and I celebrated Martina's birthday!
She is the coolest Italian I know!
Don't look to into the fact that I don't know many Italians.
She is still pretty awesome.
Her parents made a surprise visit.
It was really emotional!
Got me thinking about how much I'm going to miss my mom when I go to college.
Grr...seriously everything I ever talk about goes back to that subject.
Any way....

It was cute because she didn't know if she should be speaking Italian or English.
I wish her brother was older...and spoke English.
He is a cutie!

We ate a lot, and gossiped just as much.
This picture was not posed.
We got caught in the act of sharing some interesting stories.

Frosting works wonders as a moisturizer!

Italians really do not disappoint in their cooking abilities!
It tasted amazing!

After the party I went to another low key party.
We did take a lot of pictures but those happened in snap chat.
We locked ourselves out at like 2am.
After many failed attempts at prying open windows, Eric took the door off of the hinges.
It was a fun night.
Going to work the next day was not.

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