Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I love snowmobiling. The smell of the exhaust, the sound of the engine, and the feeling you get after plowing through fresh snow are some of my favorite things involving snowmobiles.
Snowmobiles, as fun as they can be, can be dangerous.
This past weekend I heard about a family friend's son that got thrown from his snowmobile.
He is currently in the hospital and is looking at a life of being paralyzed.
Yesterday my family and I went snowmobiling.
I was constantly thinking about Jake.
We passed the place where my dad and sister flipped a snowmobile 4 years ago.
That incident left my dad with a broken collarbone.

The trails are not very good yet here.
You have to break a lot of them.
So while attempting to drive up on the side of a ditch, I knew I wasn't going to make it.
My mom was on the back of my sled and right when it was about to tip I jumped off.
My Mom on the other hand couldnt get off in time.
I got to watch the snowmobile roll on top of my mom and continue rolling two more times.
The fear I felt was like no other.
All of the fears I had in the back of my head, because of Jake, came flooding through my head.
My mom ended up being fine.
She said the snowmobile barely touched her.
A car saw the whole thing go down and pulled over to make sure everything was fine.
They said it looked really serious and were surprised we both got up right away.
We got lucky.
I have a cracked windshield and he has broken bones.
I am so thankful for Gods protection and Jake's story means that much more to me.

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Elisebeth said...

Thanks for sharing the link to his site...
I'll certainly be keeping up with his progress.