Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bad news

So I have had a strong dislike towards a guy named Jordan for some time. Our feelings towards each other actually went both ways. We even expressed our dislike for each other to each other. No hiding the dislike for us two! Except, he has started to ruin our relationship! The relationship that I highly enjoy. I make fun of him and he says, "Rae" in that way only Jordan can. I threaten to drive off without him, question his artwork, and make Jim Jones references regarding him. He judges my relationships with my friends, spreads stupid rumors about back massager's, and thinks he is holier than thou. This relationship has been fun for me.

Until we started to carpool.

Jordan and I alone in a car for 15 minutes.

We have never spent one-on-one time together. Ever.

During those car rides we have come to the conclusion that we do not really hate each other, that we have changed since freshmen year, and that we can actually stand each other and have in-depth conversations about things.

Stupid Jordan.

Always trying to ruin a good thing.

Sarah, you are required to spend the night every Wednesday. I cannot be alone with Jordan for one more minute!

Who knows what will happen if he agrees on the things I have to say about Erich and Caleb again or what if he compliments my thoughts on a religious topic once more?

I might actually... *breathe*..... become....friends....with Jordan.


I cant believe I just typed that out.

Time to go think up some more Jim Jones jokes and remind myself why we had a good thing going.

-I give my friends permission to do whatever is necessary in order to avoid this* from happening to me-

*Being friends with Jordan

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Midwest Mama said...

Fast forward 5 years, you and Jordan dating each other in college? *ducks* lol