Monday, February 11, 2013

Colin and Ties

It is about time for another blog post!

I broke my glasses and Jordan hot glued them back together for me. It was a quick fix and I had to go buy another pair the next day. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and get a geeky looking pair.
I told my mom and she pulled out her box of previous glasses. I took a few pictures and told my friends that those were the glasses I got.

My friends are liars! There responses were "they are cute", "unique style, I like them", "oh look at that", and my favorite "wowza"!

Of course, when I spilled the news that they were not mine, they admitted that they were ugly.

But they do look adorable on my cat!

I decided to try out a mustache too! Smoothie time during lunch!

Random: Freshmen suck at parking.

My old peer ministry class held a fundraiser in the form of a dinner.
Black pants, white shirts, and ties were the uniform.
I loved my tie!
I find it unfair that they are suppose to be only for men.
That's lame and I might change that.
Back to the fundraiser, we raised $1200 for the family!

Last but not least I had a nice little sleepover with Sydney.
Which resulted in a twitter and facebook hack.
Sorry Syd.
It was a little funny.

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