Saturday, February 23, 2013

Downton Abbey

Mom: Are you watching Downton Abbey?
Me: Yes, how do you even know what this is?
Mom: I love that show!

I must admit that I have just jumped on the Downton Abbey train, and my mother beat me to it. I am addicted to it now!


That awesome moment when you get a "prank" phone call from someone and they do not realize that you have your phone contacts and facebook synced. They tried so hard convincing me that I was being a jerk to an old lady. I won and they admitted defeat.


Only three more months of high school! I am excited, but only because I am sick of being treated like a toddler at my school. I find it ridiculous that I have been babysitting other children since I was in 5th grade yet, people still think seniors in high school need babysitters themselves. I wonder what school would do if they found out that I have spent days at home...alone! Oh the horror that would spread across their faces.

Besides that I am dreading graduating. Life is going way to fast.

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Elisebeth said...

I loveeee Downton Abbey!