Saturday, February 2, 2013


This college thing keeps becoming more real! Winona was having an admitted day on Friday and I decided to go. Perfect way to get a better feel of the campus, meet new people, and tour the nursing building. I feel so at home when I go there!

I met these two girls while standing in line. The one I liked was named Ellie and the other one would not stop talking about herself! So that is why I forgot her name. I tried tagging along with them but in the end I ended up parting ways. Which was a good thing because I met Dylan. He was one of the three guys on the nursing tour. We were partners for an activity and hit it off right away. He likes camping, sucks at singing, played saxophone for a year, looks like Justin Timberlake, likes Star Wars, and loved Pokemon when he was younger(me too)! I met his parents and he helped me look for my mother. She has a way of getting lost. In the end we agreed that if I went to Winona we would have to have a Star Wars marathon. We then hugged and went our separate ways.

So my dilemma is that he is either gay or just one of those rare nice guys.

Either way I will have a friend when I go there! I never thought that friend would be a guy. I tend to bond better with girls. Gay or not he is 10x better than any guy at my school. I think I will like college!

Side note: Eric has no need to be worried.

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Elisebeth said...

Hmm, good to know that when I visit you their will be some good fellow to meet ;)