Monday, February 18, 2013

Snowball 2013

Snowball 2013.
Of course it did not go as planned.
But it was fun and spontaneous.
When did I get a gummy smile?

We got ready but ditched snowball for bigger and better things.
If you consider Pitch Perfect to be bigger and better things.
Which apparently was not a good enough answer for EJ.
Sorry we were not drinking or smoking weed in the woods!

Sir stub-a-lot wouldn't let me post this picture on facebook.

We decided to show up at snowball a little late.
Apparently, there is some rule about not showing up late?
We got kicked out of snowball.
Nothing makes me feel more like a bad ass then getting kicked out of the lamest dance in history.

Things I learned on the night of snowball:
1) Forget sticks! People have pineapples up their ass.

2) My conjoined twin and I look pretty damn cute together.

3) Kayla needs to work on her lying skills and Sarah needs to stop stuttering.
4) Girls are mean especially at smoothie places.

5) I will never attend another dance at my high school.

6) I let my friends see my fighting skills for texting and imessaging.
Apparently, they were surprised that I actually put time into my reply.
They all agreed they hate fighting with me, because I'm good at it.
Sorry, I like to win.
Snowball 2013.
It was fun putting down another check mark.

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