Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Ranch

Things have been good at work. I thought it was about time for a little update on my first "real" job. Not for you but for my own records. So feel free to move on(hint: Sarah).


Scary Larry has yet to leave the girls alone. Who is Scary Larry? Well, he is an old man that likes to stare, stock, rub up against, and make strange comments towards the girls that work at the Ranch. He inquires on when we will be working next too. Creepy! My favorite comments so far include...

While pointing to the chicken he says, "Those are some hot breasts" and then proceeds to look down at Caitlynn's boobs.

When I was taking some temperatures at the salad he brushed past my shoulder and says, "You are as hot as that thermometer!" The thermometer wasn't even hot.....

My manager Kevin was so sweet regarding Scary Larry. He always insists on handling Larry for we dont have to get close. He said, "Nobody is going to mess with my girls." He is so much better than Jeff!


Speaking of Jeff he was giving me a ton of crap about anything and everything one night. I glared at him and he said to me, "You know I love you Rae!" Say what? Did mean Jeffy just say he loved me? I think he did. He then proceeded to tell me to get back to work. I'll take what I can get.


" And what is your ass name? I mean last name!" - Caitlynn speaking on the phone with a customer.


A couple guys almost convinced our boss to mention "alaskan pipeline" on the sign out front. If you do not know what that is feel free to look it up on urban dictionary. I highly suggest not doing it. Its disgusting, but a little funny that it almost got placed on the sign. I wonder what kind of calls we would end up getting.


The Viper is still annoying as ever. Her favorite pizza to order has tomatoes. All of a sudden she decides that she is supposedly "allergic" to tomatoes. She proceeds to flip out at me when I bring her a pizza with tomatoes. She calls our entire staff idiots for not knowing about her allergies. That woman drives me crazy.

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