Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cherry or Apple

Kayla: Lets play the 52 states game!

Kayla: These strawberries have no flavor! They are probably plastic.


Sarah bought this ugly purse and was trying to get me to like it. She named it Apple while I was pretending not to listen. Sarah then forgot the name of her beloved purse and I had to remind her.

Sarah: Hello Cherry!
Me: Its name is Apple.


Holly's Grandma: Holly had a cord up her dress and I don't know what she was charging!


Andrea: Are you sure?
Heather: Yes I'm sure!
Andrea: (starts to turn)
Heather: Oh god no!

Sarah and I were sitting on the same chair. Holly's Grandpa took that in the wrong way.

Holly's Grandpa: You know there are names for girls like you.
Me: Im assuming he thinks that we are lesbians.

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