Saturday, March 2, 2013


Ugh. Friday night was a nightmare at work! I was in charge of the phones and drive-thru. In the middle of our busiest time our computer system froze! I was in the middle of a call and then nothing! I couldn't click on anything. Of course the phone would not stop ringing the entire time. So Kevin, Nicole, Matt, and I were frantically trying to take orders on random pieces of paper. Literally, we were just grabbing things in our reach. Trying to remember what was included with each order and what information to ask for delivery was ridiculous. On top of that we had to search for prices on the menu, subtract coupon sales, and include sales tax. I couldn't even find a calculator and was doing it long hand! After our computer system was fixed, I had to input all of the information into the computer. Reading chicken scratch was hard! We were rushing the order and our handwriting really showed it. I am so glad that nightmare is over!

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