Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life's not fair

With my high school days coming to an end lots of decisions have to be made. What college do I want to attend? What do I want to major in? Where do I see my life going? All of these questions are important and every person chooses a different path. I find it fascinating to see the different plans we have the future. All of our grand schemes were influenced somehow or another by things in our past. Whether these things be big or small, they have an impact on where we go from here.

My Dad followed his dreams of being a business owner. Would I ever want to be a business owner? Hell no. I have seen him struggle countless times to keep his company going, deal with sucky employee's, and get riped off by customers. Some would think that seeing my Dad continue to follow his dream, after all the crap he goes through, would inspire me to follow my dreams to the fulliest. Instead, it made me tone down in the dream department. I have never won a spelling bee, never have I gotten a lead role in a play, been chosen first for a sports activity, been called the smartest or the prettiest. In other words, I have learned from a young age that some people can work their ass off and come out with nothing and others do not have to bat an eyelash to accomplish something. Thats how life works.

Well, that was fun.

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