Friday, April 19, 2013

Playlist- 80s Music

One of my favorite things to do is put 80s pop on my pandora and dance. When I am home alone of course. It gets bad. Think Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in nothing except a shirt, underwear, and socks with a guitar. If you dont know what I am talking about than you have not lived. Replace the guitar with my cat and that is me! Head banging, singing, some air guitar and drums, and every once in a while I grab something to use as a microphone. That description is making me sound extremely lame. Any way listening to 80s music makes me feel like I was born in the wrong generation. I love being a 90s kid and all but the 80s seemed like a pretty awesome time. To bad I missed it.

1) 99 Red Balloons- Nena <~~~~~ The German version is better...except I have no idea what she is saying!

2) Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper

3) You Make My Dreams- Hall & Oatess

4) Tainted Love-Soft Cell

5) The Promise- When In Rome

6) Call Me- Blondie

7) Heaven Is A Place On Earth- Belinda Carlisle

8) Lets Hear It For The Boy- Deniece Williams

9) What About Love- Heart

10) Take Me Home Tonight- Eddie Money

11) Magic- The Cars
12) I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers
13) Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now- Starship

14) These Dreams- Heart

14) Here I Go Again- Whitesnack

15) Thats All- Genesis

16) Material Girl- Madonna

17- Summer of 69'- Bryan Adams

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