Monday, April 8, 2013

Swimming like a fish

I was suppose to be productive this weekend. Somehow Sunday just creeped its way in. All of a sudden I looked at my clock and it was 9 o'clock and I needed to get stuff done. Low and behold my friend Sarah comes barging through my door with a bag that shouts, "haha and you thought you were going to accomplish something tonight." Apparently, Sunday night has turned into a sleepover. I sure wish my friend would involve me in her plans that involve my bed and studying habits.

Texting away...

I had a texting conversation that lasted a whole 30 seconds....

Katie @ 9:20: Katherine and I are doing gyro's and swimming. Alex and a couple of friends are going . Wanna come?

Me @ 9:20: Yes.

Katie @ 9:21: GET OUT HERE! I'm in your driveway.

In the midst of my rushing, I forgot my bikini bottom. Swimming in underwear is socially acceptable for me now. After swimming none of us changed and just ran to the car. I am so ready for summer! Last summer I walked into the house just wearing my bikini and my parents thought it was the strangest thing. I thought it would be funny if we would have gotten pulled over by a cop.

Boys being boys
Back to swimming. I went with some old neighborhood kids. My friend Katie and I are the babies of that generation. We have some old neighbor kids( adults now) that are in college, married with kids, married without kids, have kids without being married, two in jail, a heroin addict, a few we lost track of, and then the babies are about to graduate high school. I miss the old days of jumping on the trampoline, playing "house", and just being a kid.
The girls.

My favorite one liner from last night...

Rosa: Did you shave your legs? Whats the occasion?

Gotta love living in a cold climate.

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