Saturday, April 13, 2013

You know you grew up in the Church when...

You remember going to some sort of midweek bible group such as Awana, Youth Group,etc.

People have said, "Come to youth group, it's so fun, you'll love it!" And when you declined, they didn't acknowledge you anymore.

Your parents do not approve of secular music.

You attended a christian music festival.

If a worship song had hand motions you knew them by heart.

You own multiple bibles because it's a popular gift choice.

You memorized bible verses every week for you could earn prizes.

Summer camp=Bible camp

Veggie tales were the only vegetables you liked.

A "good" prayer involves doubling up on names- Dear Lord Jesus, Dear Heavenly father, or Dear Father God were always popular.

You cant say a prayer without saying, "just".

You went on mission trips to third world countries.

Everybody seemed so worried about you staying "pure". Purity Ring. Check. True Love Waits Pledge. Check. Multiple bible studies on the subject. Check.

You have at least one T-Shirt that has some God related thing on it.

You participated in "See You at the Pole"

Everybody seemed so interested to hear your testimony.

Halloween? I think not. You went to Trunk or Treat or a Harvest festival.

You do or once have sponsored a kid.

You own something that has "WWJD" written on it.

Someone always started dating at the youth retreat.

You were shocked to hear that some people sleep in on Sundays.

Someone always made you feel not Godly enough.

You felt so sheltered once you entered the real world.

*My intent is not to offend anyone. I grew up in the church and some of these things I just find funny*

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Chelsey Pierce said...

You have always been great at making lists, but I think this is my all time favorite so far! I will agree with just about all of these, and that some of them are just funny.