Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Locker

I dedicate this post to my favorite locker buddy Elisebeth!
She has claimed that title for four years of high school.
I am glad that I got to share my last years of having a locker with her.
She didn't steal my things, take up to much room, and she smelled nice.
Which are all important things!
My locker was not used much.
 I preferred to carry all of my books in my back pack.
It did hold my purse and any other things I did not know what to do with.

My door was covered in some of my favorite high school memories.

I did spend a lot of time sitting in front of it though.
All of my friends would agree that we spent way to much time on the school floor.
It was our go to place before, during, and after school.

I wonder where our go to place will be in college.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just some names...

This is my list of people that have influenced my life the past 18 years whether it was good or bad. This list could go on for miles but I tried to condense it. I wrote this for myself mainly.

Erich J.
This kid has covered my ass on more than one occasion. Which sorta makes up for the comments he has made about my ass. We were never really friends and rarely talked yet he has helped me with my mischievous ways.

Elisebeth H.
We were never the bestest of friends yet she was always around. She helped me when I was not sure where to turn and I will be forever grateful for that. She was also my work buddy at our first job!

Chelsey P.
Chelsey was there when I was going through a bumpy time. She will always be my new years eve call.

Mrs. King
This woman drove me crazy! She was my constant reminder that when life gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade. She is the reason behind the majority of the demerits I got and my one and only office visit in high school.

Kellie M.
It took her two years to realize I had any potential in softball. She was my softball coach for four seasons. I will always remember her prom talks, the memories I created on the softball diamond, and for making me her rag doll. I just keep telling myself that she only beats the players that you like. I always wanted to apologize for all the gray hairs that I have given her...actually never mind. She kind of deserves them.

Mr. Nelson, The Principal.
I kind of feel sorry for him. He never grew out of his awkward stage of life. It brought a lot of entertainment.

Helen S.
I can finally call her Helen! When I think back on a teacher that impacted me the most she comes to mind.

Aubrey and Alexis
They were the most evil twins you will ever meet. I am grateful for them making me find my voice and learning to hold my own. I still to this day do not regret saying they had mustaches on the last day of 5th grade. I won.

He was the first quiet and nerdy kid that I had a crush on. I never was one to fall for the jocks and Ben was the beginning of that.

Mrs. Eggner
She made me her "teachers pet". She was actually the librarian. She made my one year in public school bearable by allowing me to hide in the library during lunch and recess.

Mrs. Dzietkwech
This woman taught the shy(believe it or not that was me) girl in class how to give a proper handshake in front of the whole class. I still get compliments on that handshake. Firmness is key!

Mr. Johnson.
This man pissed me off to no end. I just thought he should be mentioned.

Katie N.
This girl has literally always been there. Every person needs at least one crazy friend and this girl is mine. People have questioned why I am even friends with her but its something you cant really explain. She is the one who doesn't believe in God but asked to come to church with me when my christian friends wouldn't go. She is the one that will always give me an honest opinion. She is the girl that still calls people on the phone just because she can. The majority of my childhood holds memories involving Katie.

Tanya P.
She made me grow up a little to fast. I also learned a lot of life lessons because of her.

Andrea L.
Andrea treated me like a person and not just another kid. I am not exactly sure when she became one of my best friends but I am glad it happened. Not every teenager can say that one of their best friends is 25 years older then them. I could write a book about her love life.

Kayla B.
My softball buddy. I will always be grateful for her telling me I had softball potential and boosting my spirits. She understands my sense of humor and plays along with it very well. I do not know what I would do without her as my teammate. She is also a fabulous look-out.

Katie's parents.
They have no idea how much they have affected me. I have countless memories at their house even when they weren't their and even more memories camping with them. One day I plan on telling them all about the memories they helped create.

Zach L.
Zach is another childhood friend that I cant seem to shake. I loved playing in the dirt hills, making sticks into swords, and collecting Pokemon cards with him back in the day. He has sort of gone off the deep end but we have still managed to stay friends.

Chris S.
The perfect example of a douche. Yet, he is a key player in many stories of mine. You live and you learn.

This girl has had more influence on me then she even knows. We are not friends anymore but I do like catching up with her every once in a while. She was my confidant for a long time and a prime example of someone I do not want to be. She does deserve a thank you though. I appreciate her saving me at some wedding we crashed.

This man is the reason for a lot of my anger. It made me stronger though and for that I am thankful.

Jill taught me to duck when she moved her hand because she was not afraid to slap your head if you deserved it. She was like a second mother to me and I always loved how she called people "Sweet Pea."

Kerry has always been there for good or bad. She has always tried to be involved in my life which says a lot.

Linda H. aka Mama Leader
Linda allowed my imagination to run free in her pond or her woods. I have many memories that involve her house from mother/daughter retreats to snowmobile retreats. She also gave me the opportunity to go to Haiti twice.

David R.
David is Shannon's dad and a key part of my life. I consider him to be my second dad. He is the smartest person I know and he answers any question I have. He is an awesome example of who a father should be and I am so grateful that he is in my life.

Lindy R.
Shannon's mom. This woman has taught me a lot of patients.

My cousin Cody is the reason why so many of my summer days were spent at The Farm. We would play spies in the sheds, swing from ropes in the hay mow, catch fish in the creek, four wheel in the fields, and help "milk" cows at midnight. I would not give up those memories for anything.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Graduation weekend

Saturday and Sunday night were examples of what I thought high school would be like. They involved bonfires, getting kicked out of Walmart, the guys grossing out the girls with their celebratory cigars, tping houses, and running to the cars and literally jumping into them. Both nights I got to hang out with my group of girls and other people that I rarely got to spend time with outside of school.

Sunday night started out cold and boring. Elisebeth and Bekah decided to leave the graduation party to go to a bonfire at Elisebeth's and I had to bring my dad home. I ended up backat the graduation parties bonfire later on and surprisingly Caleb and Grant scooted over and made room for me by the fire. We all had decided to head to Elisebeth's because we are not fans of hanging out with underclassmen that annoy us. We had to wait for Erich, Adam, and Maria who had disappeared on us.

Once we made it to Elisebeth's house we talked for a while and soon decided to pile into two cars and tp a house. Very mature of us. Jordan was driving and of course had no gas. Erich ended up putting gas into Jordan's car and Bekah was freaking out about us forcing her to go tp'ing. Grant and Nick parked about a 1/2 mile away from the house we had targeted. A dog started freaking out at us as we approached the house which left a ton of us booking it down the street. We all returned eventually and just creamed the house....and the car. Who leaves their car unlocked? Jordan decided to bring his car closer and parked it right in front of the house. We all flipped a lid thinking Jordan was going to get us caught. He eventually parked down the street, tripped and skinned his knee, and then I didn't see him until I got back to his car. We all piled in for the long trek to Grants truck. Grant, Adam, and Nick just hung on to the side of the car while Jordan drove. They didn't fall off! Somehow we ended up with Jordan driving, Adam sitting on Davids lap in the front seat, Erich, Elisebeth, Nick, and I crammed into the middle seat, and Bekah, Caleb, and Luke in the way back. We have decided to never let Jordan drive again. It was a nightmare. I also hope to never have to be squished up to Erich like that again. That was way to close for comfort.

I have been having a ton of fun with my class. I wish we would have done this more while still in high school but I will take what I can get. We have a whole summer of shenanigans planned and I am looking forward to it all.

Four years

I have got to say that the past four years have been the best four years in my life so far. They involved meeting new people, growing as a person, making mistakes, achieving goals, going on adventures, and so much more.

Some of my favorite memories were...
  • Super sexy sweat pant and Irish socks day
  • Freshman year homecoming
  • Prom 2012 and 2013
  • Softball
  • Sleepover with Syd, Sarah, and Chelsey when my rents were gone
  • State Basketball Games
  • Labor day in Chicago with Chelsey...and later with Sarah.
  • Syd's seventeenth birthday
  • Shannon's surprise birthday
  • My black eye
  • Study hall, sophomore year, last semester
  • Physical science freshman year
  • First camping trip
  • Study halls with Mrs.King
  • Wednesday night "classes" during senior year
  • Four seasons of softball and the bus rides
  • Senior retreats
  • Burlington...every time.
  • Spring Break 2013
  • After homecoming festivities
  • Taco bell and star gazing
  • Getting my license
  • Jersey Shore Night
  • Senior Retreat
  • The past four New Years Eve's
  • Going to Haiti twice
  • Lifest
  • Classes at CMN
  • Carpooling with Jordan
  • Detention
I know that I have plenty more memories that deserve to be on this list. There are some that I have already forgotten about and some that are personal.

It has been a good four years.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Class of 2013 Graduation

Guess what? It's over. The cap and gown have been worn. The stage has been walked across. The diploma has been received.This chapter in my life has been completed. I can officially say I am a high school graduate. When did that happen? I feel like I have been waiting for this day since I started kindergarten and just like that it's done.

A few of us decided to meet before graduation at Starbucks.
It felt like the closing of one chapter and after graduation we would start a new one.

My girls and I.
Four years of laughs, tears, bites, dumb choices, gullible moments, good memories, and most importantly four years of high school together.

I convinced the child to buy a dress I really wanted.
She looked cute for the day and I get the dress in the end.

The proud parents.
My mother managed to only embarrass me a little.
It has been a fun ride with these two characters.
I am sure I kept them on their toes and gave my mother many sleepless nights for the past seventeen years.
I wouldn't trade them for the world.

After graduation we spent the day party hopping.
I eventually ditched my friends and went to hang out with my lesbian cousins.
Somehow a group ended up at my house.
My sister locked us out, Sarah threatened to put soap into her mouth, and somehow Sydney got locked out too.
We then headed over to a bonfire at Luke's with a few of my fellow seniors.
After the guys smoked their celebratory cigars(disgusting) we headed to Walmart.
Apparently, playing chicken in the motorized scooters is frowned upon.
We then cruised around town and used lots of toilet paper.

Sarah has a weird obsession with kissing people on the cheek.
We decided to repay her the favor.
She loved it!

Mrs.King...Brenda...The Demerit Giver
I have so many names for this woman.
She was constantly on my groups case about everything.
I think I left high school friends with her though.
Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!

Classic bathroom picture.
Nothing gets more classier then it.

This picture is sort of special to me.
I have attended school with these three since kindergarten.
We have been to so many schools and somehow ended back together.
It is crazy that we graduated already.
I thought this gem would be a perfect way to end this post.
Sarah's ass is looking fine.

Im going to miss attending school with these girls.
Senior year was by far my favorite year ever.
I am sad to see it go but I am looking forward to the many new adventures waiting for us.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Fantastic Four

Our lives will not involve each other five days a week anymore. We are on to bigger and better things! Soon high school will just be another stop along the way. I am happy to say that it was one hell of a stop. I had the time of my life and I am so lucky to have enjoyed the ups and downs with the best friends a girl could ask for. I am not sure what the future holds for us. I hope that it involves us staying friends for the rest of our lives.  College graduations, dream jobs, marriages, babies,..etc. I hope to be part of it all. If not, I will share my high school memories with a smile on my face knowing the awesome people that helped create them. Three amazing girls are the reason for my laugh lines. The good and the bad, I wouldn't take any of it back.

You are a constant surprise. You added the perfect blend of logical thinking(when it came to us doing dumb things), gullibility, smartness, and craziness to our group. Ginger, you are the reason why I became such a slacker but I am so thankful for my grades! You are my favorite cuddle/spooning buddy. I am going to miss your lovely come backs but I will not miss your crabby moods! You were the perfect wrestling buddy and I am not sure I will ever find one like you again. Sarah was just to fragile and Shannon would hurt me. Hopefully, you dont put me in the same category that you have placed your middle school friends in. ha


You are the reason why I cannot go "friend shopping" on facebook for when I go to Winona. At first glance you were not the kind of person I would ever pick out of a group to hang out with. Just compare our morning routines and you will see why we are so different. I cannot even define what our relationship is like. One minute I am completely agreeing with you and the next I feel the complete opposite. You know how to get on my nerves like no other! We are pros at fighting one minute and laughing the other. You are the perfect dose of crazy and my partner in crime. High school would not have been as exciting without you.


You will probably never read this but it is still worth writing. I feel like you have always been there. I've known you since Kindergarten and have been attending the same school as you since 5th grade. We have been through a lot and still have managed to stay friends. High school has taken a bit of a toll on our relationship but you have and always will be my sister. You make me laugh like no one else and I can talk to you for hours. I am so thankful for the time we have had together.
Our last class together. :(

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Softball is over

This is my last blog post as a high school softball player.
Our season ended today and I had no idea how hard I would take it.
I came in as a freshmen that was scared to even look at a softball.
I have never had a winning season.
I sat on the bench for two years.
I have multiple embarrassing moments that I was constantly reminded of.
My coach drove me crazy.

(Team picture)
All of these things have had me contemplating quiting.
Every year I never thought I would make it to another one.
Four seasons later I do not have the choice to return.
I should not love this sport, but I do.

(Seniors with coaches)
The past senior players acted like jerks to the underclassmen.
My goal was to be a senior that was approachable and fun.
I wanted to be my teammates friend and have them know that the seniors had their back.
(My Lala and her Rufus)
We wanted to do things differently and that we did.
This involved the seniors leading "storytime" during the bus rides.
The seniors would pick random topics and go off from there.
Everyone was included and apparently "storytime" was a hit.
We joked around about a lot of stuff and we are constantly laughing.
We also had a serious side to our talks.
Two games ago we talked about self-esteem and self-harm.
Kayla, Bekah, and I had no idea how beneficial the conversation would be but apparently it was an important one to have.
A ton of girls said that it meant a lot to them.

(Senior picture)
On our last bus ride home we asked everyone what their favorite part of this season was.
Everyone said it was "storytime" and I could not have been more happy.
(The seniors beat the freshmen into submission)
Taylor: I learned that we marry for money and not for love!
Lindsay: I learned that you should never eat Rae's brownies and always ask what the ingredients are.
Abby: I learned that if you go to a party that has should stay!
Amanda: I can honestly say I am going to miss the softball bus rides and especially the seniors on the team. I love this team.
Emily: Seasons done, but i had the best time of my life. My team was the best team i could ever ask for. Thank you seniors for all the great memories.
We really did teach them important stuff....kinda.

(Team picture)
Our coach did say that we were the best seniors she has had so far.
I have seen two different senior classes go by and she has never called them the best.
This woman does not compliment us often, so this was a big deal!

(Me, Taylor, Lindsay)
The best outfielders ever.
Coach Kellie: I feel like you will go off to college and never come back. You will just be doing your own thing.
Rae: My mom wont let that happen. She will show up at my dorm room for sleepovers.
Coach Kellie: That is a fantastic idea! I plan on doing that too. That way I will be able to see what kind of things you will be hiding in your room.
Oh great.
She eventually changed her tone and said she would only come and party with me.
Lets hope that does not happen.

(Dog pile with the team)
The end of my high school sports career is bitter sweet.
I was not ready to hang up my jersey for good.
Growing up really sucks.
In other news, Coach Kellie compared me to Ryan Braun and said I had a perfect drop-step.
(Softball seniors before prom)

The best advice about softball was given to me by my #1 high school enemy Mrs. King. After a long complaining session to her about softball and wanting to quit she said, "Dont quit. When all is said and done you will regret it."

All is said and done and I know she was right.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers day

Well, it is mothers day and my mom will not let me forget. She's crazy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Here is a list of her shining moments as my mother
  • She decided to get smashed with her cousins one night and woke up the next morning with a massive hangover. That hangover lasted a little longer then she expected and she randomly decided to take a pregnancy test. Little did she know that I was much worse then a hangover.
  • She wanted to name me Bean. Beanie Babies were all the rage back in those days.
  • The morning I was born she decided that shaving her legs was more important than rushing to the hospital. Minutes after she arrived I made my debut. She is one lucky duck.
  • I was always the last kid picked up from school because she likes to run late.
  • My bus driver dropped me off at my house and my mom was not home yet. Apparently, she once again forgot about me and the doors were locked. The bus driver drove past the house again and saw me sitting outside. She proceeded to pick me up again and drive me to the bus station and fed me food out of the vending machine.
  • She once got mad at me and pushed me over a laundry basket.
  • She called me a bitch in 7th grade. She claims that she said, "You are acting like a bitch" but I clearly remember her specifically calling me one.
  • I once bought her a robe for Christmas. She returned it the next day because she thought it was ugly.
  • I always hated getting up in the morning. My mother invested in a spray bottle and would spray me like a cat until I got out of bed.
She really is a fantastic mom and I love her to pieces! She is my best friend and I wouldn't change that for the world.

I will not be showing her this post because I am sure she will use my full name in response to it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

College classes

Well, I officially set up my class schedule for my first semester of college! I must admit that I am a little freaked out by the classes I need to take in order to become a nurse. I wanted classes that were in the morning, but not to early. Tuesdays and Thursdays might be a bit torturous but I can always take a nap during the day! I'm so happy that I only have one class on Friday! It will almost be like having a three day weekend every week!

10:00-10:50am- Introduction to Higher Education-Nursing
1:00-1:50pm- General, Organic, and Biochemistry
2:00-2:50pm- Moral Problems
3:00-3:50pm- Introduction to Public Speaking

8:00-9:20am- Developmental Psychology
12:30-1:50pm-General, Organic, and Biochemistry

10:00-11:50am- General, Organic, and Biochemistry Lab
1:00-1:50pm- General, Organic, and Biochemistry
2:00-2:50pm- Moral Problems
3:00-3:50pm- Introduction to Public Speaking

8:00-9:20am- Developmental Psychology
12:30-1:50pm-General, Organic, and Biochemistry

2:00-2:50pm- Moral Problems

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

School Dances 2009-2013

....and just like that our four year tradition has come to an end.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Senior Ball/Prom 2013

My school is to small to have separate dances so the juniors,seniors, and unfortunately a whole slew of sophomores that weaseled their way in come together for one big prom/senior ball.

We had it at the courthouse. It was gorgeous and kind of fun walking down the grand staircase. I walked down with Josh Carli who just days before tried killing my baby(flour sack). I hope that doesn't make me look like a bad mother. My child is just flour any way.

My softball coach gave her players three rules to follow:
1. No alcohol
2. No drugs
3. No sex

We followed her rules for the most part.

Sarah managed to throw around some Gilmore Girls quotes, burn some pineapple, and steal a trash can for Kayla to throw up in. I was very entertained.
I also found Sydney's spray tan dilemma hilarious.
It was a good reminder that being white is okay.
I also found our run ins with the chaperone's to be very movie like.
Sarah and I owe Kayla big time.

We danced the night away and ended up at the Truck stop for a late night snack.

My last high school dance was a success.

Father-Daughter dance.

Posing with the old folks... I mean parental units.
It is hard to believe it is over already.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stupid softball

I feel like every day I find something new(or old) to complain about regarding softball. Most of the time it's a legit complaint. Except, I cannot bring myself to quit. Softball has some weird invisible hold on me. I honestly think its the bonding, you have as a team, that makes me stick like glue to the sport.

 On Tuesday we had a bad game. Our two(and only two) pitchers are hurt and we are a very small team. I ended up playing 3rd base, which if you saw my softball skills, you would understand how desperate my coach got. After Bekah allowed me to run into a fence and Kayla was in tears from pain the game finally ended. We loaded back into the bus and the seniors decided to give one of our "No sex, drugs, or alcohol" speeches. I feel like Kayla and I are constantly giving this speech but they must not mind because it has been requested a lot! It led to a lot of laughs and is a good team bonding time.

Our coach was sitting in the front of the bus. Eventually she said...

Coach Kellie: What are you guys talking about?
Me: Taking hits from a bong.

Which is completely true because we were talking about things you shouldnt do. She decided to come join in on the conversation. She pretty much laughed off every joke we were throwing around regarding pot brownies and other things.

The entire team had to "pee" at the same time and we convinced coach to let us stop. She was pretty dead set on not letting us stop but thank goodness she finally did. We had to act like spies to get our food and hid it in Kayla's bag until we returned to the bus.

I am really going to miss softball. Aside from the fact that the underclassmen think that Kayla and I are mini-alcoholic sluts that do a lot of drugs and that I think pot is a cure all. I really am hoping that they understand that we are joking but you never know with those freshmen.

Stupid softball.