Monday, May 27, 2013

Four years

I have got to say that the past four years have been the best four years in my life so far. They involved meeting new people, growing as a person, making mistakes, achieving goals, going on adventures, and so much more.

Some of my favorite memories were...
  • Super sexy sweat pant and Irish socks day
  • Freshman year homecoming
  • Prom 2012 and 2013
  • Softball
  • Sleepover with Syd, Sarah, and Chelsey when my rents were gone
  • State Basketball Games
  • Labor day in Chicago with Chelsey...and later with Sarah.
  • Syd's seventeenth birthday
  • Shannon's surprise birthday
  • My black eye
  • Study hall, sophomore year, last semester
  • Physical science freshman year
  • First camping trip
  • Study halls with Mrs.King
  • Wednesday night "classes" during senior year
  • Four seasons of softball and the bus rides
  • Senior retreats
  • Burlington...every time.
  • Spring Break 2013
  • After homecoming festivities
  • Taco bell and star gazing
  • Getting my license
  • Jersey Shore Night
  • Senior Retreat
  • The past four New Years Eve's
  • Going to Haiti twice
  • Lifest
  • Classes at CMN
  • Carpooling with Jordan
  • Detention
I know that I have plenty more memories that deserve to be on this list. There are some that I have already forgotten about and some that are personal.

It has been a good four years.

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