Monday, May 27, 2013

Graduation weekend

Saturday and Sunday night were examples of what I thought high school would be like. They involved bonfires, getting kicked out of Walmart, the guys grossing out the girls with their celebratory cigars, tping houses, and running to the cars and literally jumping into them. Both nights I got to hang out with my group of girls and other people that I rarely got to spend time with outside of school.

Sunday night started out cold and boring. Elisebeth and Bekah decided to leave the graduation party to go to a bonfire at Elisebeth's and I had to bring my dad home. I ended up backat the graduation parties bonfire later on and surprisingly Caleb and Grant scooted over and made room for me by the fire. We all had decided to head to Elisebeth's because we are not fans of hanging out with underclassmen that annoy us. We had to wait for Erich, Adam, and Maria who had disappeared on us.

Once we made it to Elisebeth's house we talked for a while and soon decided to pile into two cars and tp a house. Very mature of us. Jordan was driving and of course had no gas. Erich ended up putting gas into Jordan's car and Bekah was freaking out about us forcing her to go tp'ing. Grant and Nick parked about a 1/2 mile away from the house we had targeted. A dog started freaking out at us as we approached the house which left a ton of us booking it down the street. We all returned eventually and just creamed the house....and the car. Who leaves their car unlocked? Jordan decided to bring his car closer and parked it right in front of the house. We all flipped a lid thinking Jordan was going to get us caught. He eventually parked down the street, tripped and skinned his knee, and then I didn't see him until I got back to his car. We all piled in for the long trek to Grants truck. Grant, Adam, and Nick just hung on to the side of the car while Jordan drove. They didn't fall off! Somehow we ended up with Jordan driving, Adam sitting on Davids lap in the front seat, Erich, Elisebeth, Nick, and I crammed into the middle seat, and Bekah, Caleb, and Luke in the way back. We have decided to never let Jordan drive again. It was a nightmare. I also hope to never have to be squished up to Erich like that again. That was way to close for comfort.

I have been having a ton of fun with my class. I wish we would have done this more while still in high school but I will take what I can get. We have a whole summer of shenanigans planned and I am looking forward to it all.

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