Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just some names...

This is my list of people that have influenced my life the past 18 years whether it was good or bad. This list could go on for miles but I tried to condense it. I wrote this for myself mainly.

Erich J.
This kid has covered my ass on more than one occasion. Which sorta makes up for the comments he has made about my ass. We were never really friends and rarely talked yet he has helped me with my mischievous ways.

Elisebeth H.
We were never the bestest of friends yet she was always around. She helped me when I was not sure where to turn and I will be forever grateful for that. She was also my work buddy at our first job!

Chelsey P.
Chelsey was there when I was going through a bumpy time. She will always be my new years eve call.

Mrs. King
This woman drove me crazy! She was my constant reminder that when life gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade. She is the reason behind the majority of the demerits I got and my one and only office visit in high school.

Kellie M.
It took her two years to realize I had any potential in softball. She was my softball coach for four seasons. I will always remember her prom talks, the memories I created on the softball diamond, and for making me her rag doll. I just keep telling myself that she only beats the players that you like. I always wanted to apologize for all the gray hairs that I have given her...actually never mind. She kind of deserves them.

Mr. Nelson, The Principal.
I kind of feel sorry for him. He never grew out of his awkward stage of life. It brought a lot of entertainment.

Helen S.
I can finally call her Helen! When I think back on a teacher that impacted me the most she comes to mind.

Aubrey and Alexis
They were the most evil twins you will ever meet. I am grateful for them making me find my voice and learning to hold my own. I still to this day do not regret saying they had mustaches on the last day of 5th grade. I won.

He was the first quiet and nerdy kid that I had a crush on. I never was one to fall for the jocks and Ben was the beginning of that.

Mrs. Eggner
She made me her "teachers pet". She was actually the librarian. She made my one year in public school bearable by allowing me to hide in the library during lunch and recess.

Mrs. Dzietkwech
This woman taught the shy(believe it or not that was me) girl in class how to give a proper handshake in front of the whole class. I still get compliments on that handshake. Firmness is key!

Mr. Johnson.
This man pissed me off to no end. I just thought he should be mentioned.

Katie N.
This girl has literally always been there. Every person needs at least one crazy friend and this girl is mine. People have questioned why I am even friends with her but its something you cant really explain. She is the one who doesn't believe in God but asked to come to church with me when my christian friends wouldn't go. She is the one that will always give me an honest opinion. She is the girl that still calls people on the phone just because she can. The majority of my childhood holds memories involving Katie.

Tanya P.
She made me grow up a little to fast. I also learned a lot of life lessons because of her.

Andrea L.
Andrea treated me like a person and not just another kid. I am not exactly sure when she became one of my best friends but I am glad it happened. Not every teenager can say that one of their best friends is 25 years older then them. I could write a book about her love life.

Kayla B.
My softball buddy. I will always be grateful for her telling me I had softball potential and boosting my spirits. She understands my sense of humor and plays along with it very well. I do not know what I would do without her as my teammate. She is also a fabulous look-out.

Katie's parents.
They have no idea how much they have affected me. I have countless memories at their house even when they weren't their and even more memories camping with them. One day I plan on telling them all about the memories they helped create.

Zach L.
Zach is another childhood friend that I cant seem to shake. I loved playing in the dirt hills, making sticks into swords, and collecting Pokemon cards with him back in the day. He has sort of gone off the deep end but we have still managed to stay friends.

Chris S.
The perfect example of a douche. Yet, he is a key player in many stories of mine. You live and you learn.

This girl has had more influence on me then she even knows. We are not friends anymore but I do like catching up with her every once in a while. She was my confidant for a long time and a prime example of someone I do not want to be. She does deserve a thank you though. I appreciate her saving me at some wedding we crashed.

This man is the reason for a lot of my anger. It made me stronger though and for that I am thankful.

Jill taught me to duck when she moved her hand because she was not afraid to slap your head if you deserved it. She was like a second mother to me and I always loved how she called people "Sweet Pea."

Kerry has always been there for good or bad. She has always tried to be involved in my life which says a lot.

Linda H. aka Mama Leader
Linda allowed my imagination to run free in her pond or her woods. I have many memories that involve her house from mother/daughter retreats to snowmobile retreats. She also gave me the opportunity to go to Haiti twice.

David R.
David is Shannon's dad and a key part of my life. I consider him to be my second dad. He is the smartest person I know and he answers any question I have. He is an awesome example of who a father should be and I am so grateful that he is in my life.

Lindy R.
Shannon's mom. This woman has taught me a lot of patients.

My cousin Cody is the reason why so many of my summer days were spent at The Farm. We would play spies in the sheds, swing from ropes in the hay mow, catch fish in the creek, four wheel in the fields, and help "milk" cows at midnight. I would not give up those memories for anything.

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