Sunday, May 5, 2013

Senior Ball/Prom 2013

My school is to small to have separate dances so the juniors,seniors, and unfortunately a whole slew of sophomores that weaseled their way in come together for one big prom/senior ball.

We had it at the courthouse. It was gorgeous and kind of fun walking down the grand staircase. I walked down with Josh Carli who just days before tried killing my baby(flour sack). I hope that doesn't make me look like a bad mother. My child is just flour any way.

My softball coach gave her players three rules to follow:
1. No alcohol
2. No drugs
3. No sex

We followed her rules for the most part.

Sarah managed to throw around some Gilmore Girls quotes, burn some pineapple, and steal a trash can for Kayla to throw up in. I was very entertained.
I also found Sydney's spray tan dilemma hilarious.
It was a good reminder that being white is okay.
I also found our run ins with the chaperone's to be very movie like.
Sarah and I owe Kayla big time.

We danced the night away and ended up at the Truck stop for a late night snack.

My last high school dance was a success.

Father-Daughter dance.

Posing with the old folks... I mean parental units.
It is hard to believe it is over already.

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Sarah Moran said...

just when i thought you would have one spring post that does not involve softball *rolls eyes* i love you anyways i guess:p

Also, my captcha is Delaiah. Verdict on the name? I think it is very pretty. A little close to Delilah. Maybe that little one could be a fibber versus a full blown liar.