Thursday, May 16, 2013

Softball is over

This is my last blog post as a high school softball player.
Our season ended today and I had no idea how hard I would take it.
I came in as a freshmen that was scared to even look at a softball.
I have never had a winning season.
I sat on the bench for two years.
I have multiple embarrassing moments that I was constantly reminded of.
My coach drove me crazy.

(Team picture)
All of these things have had me contemplating quiting.
Every year I never thought I would make it to another one.
Four seasons later I do not have the choice to return.
I should not love this sport, but I do.

(Seniors with coaches)
The past senior players acted like jerks to the underclassmen.
My goal was to be a senior that was approachable and fun.
I wanted to be my teammates friend and have them know that the seniors had their back.
(My Lala and her Rufus)
We wanted to do things differently and that we did.
This involved the seniors leading "storytime" during the bus rides.
The seniors would pick random topics and go off from there.
Everyone was included and apparently "storytime" was a hit.
We joked around about a lot of stuff and we are constantly laughing.
We also had a serious side to our talks.
Two games ago we talked about self-esteem and self-harm.
Kayla, Bekah, and I had no idea how beneficial the conversation would be but apparently it was an important one to have.
A ton of girls said that it meant a lot to them.

(Senior picture)
On our last bus ride home we asked everyone what their favorite part of this season was.
Everyone said it was "storytime" and I could not have been more happy.
(The seniors beat the freshmen into submission)
Taylor: I learned that we marry for money and not for love!
Lindsay: I learned that you should never eat Rae's brownies and always ask what the ingredients are.
Abby: I learned that if you go to a party that has should stay!
Amanda: I can honestly say I am going to miss the softball bus rides and especially the seniors on the team. I love this team.
Emily: Seasons done, but i had the best time of my life. My team was the best team i could ever ask for. Thank you seniors for all the great memories.
We really did teach them important stuff....kinda.

(Team picture)
Our coach did say that we were the best seniors she has had so far.
I have seen two different senior classes go by and she has never called them the best.
This woman does not compliment us often, so this was a big deal!

(Me, Taylor, Lindsay)
The best outfielders ever.
Coach Kellie: I feel like you will go off to college and never come back. You will just be doing your own thing.
Rae: My mom wont let that happen. She will show up at my dorm room for sleepovers.
Coach Kellie: That is a fantastic idea! I plan on doing that too. That way I will be able to see what kind of things you will be hiding in your room.
Oh great.
She eventually changed her tone and said she would only come and party with me.
Lets hope that does not happen.

(Dog pile with the team)
The end of my high school sports career is bitter sweet.
I was not ready to hang up my jersey for good.
Growing up really sucks.
In other news, Coach Kellie compared me to Ryan Braun and said I had a perfect drop-step.
(Softball seniors before prom)

The best advice about softball was given to me by my #1 high school enemy Mrs. King. After a long complaining session to her about softball and wanting to quit she said, "Dont quit. When all is said and done you will regret it."

All is said and done and I know she was right.

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