Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stupid softball

I feel like every day I find something new(or old) to complain about regarding softball. Most of the time it's a legit complaint. Except, I cannot bring myself to quit. Softball has some weird invisible hold on me. I honestly think its the bonding, you have as a team, that makes me stick like glue to the sport.

 On Tuesday we had a bad game. Our two(and only two) pitchers are hurt and we are a very small team. I ended up playing 3rd base, which if you saw my softball skills, you would understand how desperate my coach got. After Bekah allowed me to run into a fence and Kayla was in tears from pain the game finally ended. We loaded back into the bus and the seniors decided to give one of our "No sex, drugs, or alcohol" speeches. I feel like Kayla and I are constantly giving this speech but they must not mind because it has been requested a lot! It led to a lot of laughs and is a good team bonding time.

Our coach was sitting in the front of the bus. Eventually she said...

Coach Kellie: What are you guys talking about?
Me: Taking hits from a bong.

Which is completely true because we were talking about things you shouldnt do. She decided to come join in on the conversation. She pretty much laughed off every joke we were throwing around regarding pot brownies and other things.

The entire team had to "pee" at the same time and we convinced coach to let us stop. She was pretty dead set on not letting us stop but thank goodness she finally did. We had to act like spies to get our food and hid it in Kayla's bag until we returned to the bus.

I am really going to miss softball. Aside from the fact that the underclassmen think that Kayla and I are mini-alcoholic sluts that do a lot of drugs and that I think pot is a cure all. I really am hoping that they understand that we are joking but you never know with those freshmen.

Stupid softball.

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