Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bob Marley

I love this stage of life!
It is a little scary because there is a lot of unknowns.
It is also exciting because I am young and have a whole life ahead of me.

Some of the perks of my age include....
seeing friends go from awkward high school freshmen to awkward college freshmen.
going with friends to get tattoos in places that have scary masks in corners, Bob Marley smoking a joint on the wall, and the smell of pot.

bathroom pictures that are still perfectly acceptable and the fact that we all have fabulous bodies, that can pull off form fitting dresses.

 being able to joke that being a "crazy cat lady" is in our future because we have no clue what the future actually looks like.

having the ability to eat whatever I want (Pretzel sticks with beer dip, Wonton tacos, and boneless BBQ buffalo wings) and not have to count calories.

Life is good.

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