Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Vacation

 Good ole' family vacations.
Sarah, any idea on where we went?
I just got back from a peaceful mini-vacation with my friend.
The next day I left to go on another mini-vacation with my family.
Going on vacations with friends typically has less fighting.
If it does include fighting that is normally short lived.
They also include not being yelled at for lounging around and watching TV, and I can say/do whatever I please.

Guess what flavor ice cream my sister chose?

Going on vacations with my family means that I don't have to spend my own money!
My father acts like my personal ATM and my mom is actually okay with it.

My parents are also very chatty people.
My mother decided to randomly walk into a real estate office on the island and started a full blown conversation with the realtor.
We are not even in the market to buy a home much less a vacation home!
By the end of that conversation I had learned the realtor's whole life story.

Mackinac Island was gorgeous and I am glad my mom picked this destination.
I got to watch my parents ride a tandem bike.
That memory alone was worth all the time I had to spend with them!

We also heard a tour guide say, "I could be making all of this stuff up and you would just believe me."
That would totally be me.
My sister and I took that to a whole new level with my mom.
A story about Colonel Sanders and Long John Silver meeting at the island was formed.
It doesnt sound funny but I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

It would be awesome if we lived in a world like Mackinac Island.
A place where you can walk, bike, or take a horse to anywhere in the town.
While taking a walk I did see a snowmobile parked in a backyard though.
It sort of ruined the 1800s feel but snowmobiling is right up my alley!

If you haven't gone to Mackinac Island I would recommend it.
If you are planning a family vacation I would highly discourage that.
Unless, you never fight with your family or hate islands.


Sarah Moran said...

I TOLD YOU! That is where our next road trip needs to be! BAMM!

Sydney said...