Tuesday, July 30, 2013


"I found someone who knows the original language of the Bible, something I very much doubt you will find at your church, who is able to tell you what the original author meant."
I may be stepping on a lot of toes by writing about this but I felt the need to do so. The above quote was from a guy that I know and he was talking to me. I see how religion can turn people off. It has so many rules, the people are so judgmental,etc. I love having a good religious debate. I find different religious views interesting. God left the bible open to interpretation. Sometimes, it bothers me that God left such an important thing to be interpreted by sinful human beings. The world has so many different religious views because of this. He may have found someone that agrees with his views but unless God specifically came down and said, "Let me clear up the confusion and tell you exactly what I meant." I do not believe anybody has a right to make that claim. I think he should have said, "Who is able to tell you what he believes the original author meant." My statement above explains why I believe that is the way to go.

Do I believe that a Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran,etc are going to hell because they have different views from mine? No. I believe that we have a fair and just God. A God that left the bible up to interruption for a reason. As long as they believe that Christ is their savior and died on the cross for their sins then I can respect whatever else they believe in regarding the bible.

I'm sure a lot of the things I believe in are not accurate. I do not believe that one religion/denomination has it all figured out. I find no problem discussing different views and opinions because you never know what you might learn. I do have a problem when people with different views bashing each other.
God never intended for his people to turn against each other in a hateful way all in the name of religion.

I had a debate with a guy sometime in May that turned out really ugly. I'm not saying I am innocent(I may have called him an asshole) but the way he went about sharing his opinion was ridiculous. He bashed me the entire time. We ended that debate and a few days ago he randomly started it up again. I clearly said I wanted nothing to do with it but he kept on being an asshole(at this point it is an appropriate term for him) about it. If I wasn't a christian and I was debating him, I wouldn't have even looked into his views because I would not want to be anything like him.

Some of my favorite quotes from him are:

"I don't want to get into how foolish your "heart" is or your feelings.. but they aren't exactly something I would be trusting or putting any level of faith into."
"Oh that's fine, just thought you might be interested in some cold hard truth."
 "There is truth and there is lie or not truth in that respect I believe you to be closer to a Buddhist in many ways."
"I just figured it might help you clear up your apparent confusion at some pretty simple things."
My favorite one was when he called me a Buddhist! Last time I checked our religious views were not that different. He's Lutheran and I go to a non-denomination church.

How do I feel about people with completely different religious? Intrigued. Maybe, the Buddhists or Muslims are right. If not, I'm glad that we have the freedom to share our beliefs in a kind and gentle way. I may not always be good at sharing my views but I never mean to degrade someone.

One of my favorite quotes says, "I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than to live my life if there isn't, and to find out there is."

I am a tattoo'd, non-speed limit following, homework copying, quick to anger, sinner. In other words I sin every day but I believe I am going to heaven. All sins are the same in Gods eyes and only he can judge me on judgement day. I also believe I will be up their with my Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, non-denomination believing friends. Maybe, God left the bible open to interpretation so that we could learn to love others that are different then ourselves. If you have opposing views regarding what I just wrote I would love to hear them, as long as it stays friendly!

For my next blog post I plan on talking about politics! They seem to go hand in hand.

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