Friday, July 26, 2013

The clean-up

I have been telling myself all summer that I need to do deep clean my room. I want to leave to go to college and be able to come home to a clean room. I finally decided that with only two weeks left it was about time I start on this daunting and emotional task. At 3:30am I started filling the trash can and an hour later my room looked like a war zone. It eventually started looking "clean."

There was so much junk on the ground and piled high on my desk was a ton of paper. I love finding things that bring back memories such as old handwritten notes, programs from a past event, acceptance letters to colleges, pictures of friends, and old homework assignments. To someone else they may not mean a lot and could easily be thrown out. Unfortunately, I find even the simplest thing important if it is linked to a moment I cherish. It's hard letting go and moving on but at times it is necessary.

In other news my mother is forcing me to pop pills because of my heart. I would be totally fine with that except, the medication I am on is for old people. How do I know it is for old people? I have seen the commercials and they all feature old people!

This growing up crap is really hard! Not only is it taking an emotion toll but it is also taking a physical one.

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