Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Doctor

I hate going to the doctors! I told my mother that I did not need a check-up but low and behold the woman did not listen to me. Apparently, I have a new doctor. I wonder what happened to the old one? I'll have to ask my mother because I want my old doctor back! She is one of those people that makes eye contact for a long time, wants to talk about your "feelings", tries to act like she cares, and talks in a slow and soothing way. I just need someone that's going to tell me I'm healthy and send me on my way.

D: So you have been having heart problems?
Me: Yes, I'm assuming it's just from stress or anxiety.
D: Really? What are you stressed about?
Me: I don't know. Maybe, college and other dumb stuff.
D: College is not dumb! It is a great accomplishment. It comes with a lot of change which can be a scary thing.
Me: Ahuh.
D: What do you do when you get stressed out and your heart hurts?
Me: I ignore it.
D: And does that make it go away.
Me: No.
D: I see. Maybe, you should try to shift your focus when you start getting stressed. If you ever need to talk to someone about it feel free to email me. Stress can lead to serious health conditions and depression.
Me: Okay.
D: Am I stressing you out?
Me: Yes.
D: (laughs) I'll stop and let you go now.

She probably thinks I have autism or something because I hate making eye contact with people for long amounts of time! She would just keep her eyes glued on me. I kept moving my eyes from her forehead to the wall.

Thank goodness I do not have to go back to her for another year. I do not need to talk about my feelings anymore!

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