Saturday, August 10, 2013

25 Facts

When I first started this blog I shared 25 facts about myself. When I reading old blog posts I stumbled across these facts and it is crazy how much things have changed yet have stayed the same. So I decided to recycle an old blog post and freshen up the facts!

1. I have a sister.
  That's still true!

2. I play in the Pep Band in school!!! Tambourine baby!!!!!!
  I stopped my junior year.

3. I love unique baby names.
   Me too!

4. I have all of my future children's names picked out. Looks like I'm having 12 kids.
    I still have this problem.

5. I'm addicted to Texting.
I rarely text people anymore.

6. I never leave the house without my cellphone and ipod.
True and not true.

7. I go to a christian high school that I love!!!!
  As much as that place drove me crazy, I still love it.

8. I'm on the newspaper staff, yearbook staff, Art Club, and Drama Club.
 The newspaper and art club are no more. Drama was so freshmen year. I finished strong with the yearbook staff!

9. I also play volleyball during the fall and softball in the spring.
I can't believe I played volleyball. I'm still in love with softball!

10. I want to be a neonatal nurse.
Still true.

11. I hate CLOWNS!!!!!
Even more true.

12. A few of my favorite shows are Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, The Bachelor, Gossip Girl,.etc.
That sad moment when only one of these shows is still airing and it has been years since I last watched it.

13. I have one sister.
I must have been running low on facts? This is still true.

14. I love reading!!!
  I still love it but I don't have much time for it.

15.Facebook Addict.
Yes, I have yet to outgrow facebook.

16. I work for my parents company.
Now I work for Pizza Ranch!

17. My dad owns a moving company.
  The good ole' family business is still there.

18. I have the best friends in the world!!!
I think three exclamations points was overkill. ;)

19. I'm always cold!!!
Especially in the winter!

20. I live in Wisconsin.
That is true for ten more days! Minnesota here I come.

21. No, I don't think I have a Wisconsin Accent!!
 I seriously don't.

22. I don't like the Packers.
I like them when they win!

23. I especially don't like Brett Favre.
What ever happened to him?

24. I tend to burst out laughing at random times.
  I still enjoy laughing!

25. I have a cat.
Of course I still have my little love bug!

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