Monday, August 26, 2013

Bad Luck

I've almost completed a full week of college. The actual class part has not started yet, but I have still been busy. We have had orientation class which pretty much answers our questions, makes us play name games, and talks to us about drinking.

One of my suite mates and another girl invited me to a party. Of course it ended up being a frat house. About fifteen minutes, after we arrived, a cop car pulled up next to the house with its lights on. We eventually found out he had just pulled a car over, but the house went on lock down practically. The music and lights were shut off, alcohol was hidden, and the blinds were closed. This all happened within 30 seconds of the car showing up. I didn't stay long after that and got to escort a couple drunk girls all the way back to the dorms.

Summary of this story: I went to my first frat party, a cop came, I didn't drink at all, and I helped drunk girls home.

Scott, Hailey, Sharna, and I went to rave, ate lots of free food, and dance a lot! The best part of being a college kid is that people are constantly feeding you! Scott and I left the rave and decided to check out a party. The people outside were comparing their criminal pasts and the amount of money they are/were paying for fines and lawyer fees. We found that a bit ridiculous and didn't stay long at that party either.

My luck with the college party scene has not been that great.

I have found two churches that I like though! College is doing strange things to me.

I also went to see a hypnotist show thing. It was hilarious!

Some of my favorite quotes from this week include....

Scott: I missed the alcohol awareness class because I was hungover.

Scott: If I ever got the chance to be a stay-at-home dad I would totally do it! I'm always jealous when I see the life of stay-at-home moms. I want to cook dinner and watch children too!

Kelli: Do not go to frat parties. Apparently, bad things happen to girls that go. Plus, their house is definitely not up to fire code.
Hayley: I need to buy a rape stick!
Scott: A rape stick? That sounds terrible.
Hayley: It's just a stick that you put into the window tract to prevent it from opening.
Scott: So an anti-rape stick?
Hayley: Rape stick rolls off the tongue better.

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