Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 1 and 2

The Wild West Summer Road trip 2013 has officially begun. 
We have it many famous landmarks, have driven over sixteen hours, and have met a lot of interesting people.

Day 1
We drove from Green Bay to Sioux City,IA.
My friend Shannon has family there and we decided to spend the night.
Her aunt and uncle have twelve kids and run their house like a boarding school.
All the kids are up by 6 in the morning, they all have chores(cooking, cleaning up,etc), and of course they have a lot of rules.
One of the girls pointed out Shannon's tattoo and then proceeded to show off her belly button piercing.
Apparently, that is against the rules and her parents have no idea.
No matter what your parenting style is you can never prevent your kids true personality to show.
Seeing the sibling bond made me want a big family!

Day 2
We drove to Rapid City, SD.
On the long drive we stopped by the corn palace.
I didn't find it that interesting but at least I can claim I went.
We had a pit stop at the famous Wall Drug.
It was really busy!

Our final destination for the day was Mount Rushmore!
It has been ten years since I was last there.
It's unreal seeing it in person.
I kept imagining all of the movies that had scenes that include Mount Rushmore.

We stayed for the late night lighting.
It was amazing seeing the faces all lit up!
They had a veterans tribute during it.

So far it has been a good trip!
I have been enjoying my car naps, I have finished reading a lot of books, and I have spent a lot of time with my best friend!
The driving portion of this trip is half way over!

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