Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just who you are

"It's not the fact that you'll be back Rae. I know you will be. But you wont be a half a mile away. I cant run to you and bitch when my parents make me mad or when someone f**** a guy that I am seeing in my house. I wont have my truck stop buddy. I wont be able to just walk in your house and run downstairs. You won't be there. You'll meet other people and have so many new friends. I won't get a phone call from you saying, "Hey, I just saw you on town hall road."

I have always hated being left behind. I'm finally the one leaving and it's just as hard. 

"I won't be able to come to Burlington without being upset anymore. I wont be able to eat at the truckstop.  I wont be able to watch Jerry Springer without hearing in my head, "Change the channel. This is so stupid!" Everyone says nothing will change and blah blah blah but it's always easier said than done."

Can I just pack up my friends and bring them with me? That would make life so much easier!

"Over the last 4 years of high school we have drifted. You've made so many so many other friends. That's just who you are and there's nothing wrong with that. I just feel that when you get home, I'll be the last one to know."

..... I hate change.

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