Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Night

Me: I have spent my whole life waiting to get out of this town. I am finally leaving and I already miss this place.

Victoria: Right? This town holds so many memories. I smoked my first joint behind that Shopko over there. It was the dumbest thing I have ever done.

Katie: That Petco would never let me pet the damn ferrets because you had to be eighteen.

Me: I would skip first hour to eat breakfast at the Perkins.

Chelsey: I got kicked out of that Shopko for sitting on furniture.

Me: What rebels we were.


I spent my last night before college with two friends I have had since kindergarten and a friend that I have had since freshmen year. We spent an hour in Applebee's talking about the future and the present. We then spent another hour in the parking lot reminiscing about the past. I am not good with tears and my friends were not being nice. One little thing would set them off and I would feel terrible. It feels good to know you are loved but I hate seeing them sad. We eventually parted ways because the lights in the parking lot went off.

I never realized how many people have helped piece together my life.
I was blessed with amazing people in my life for the past eighteen years.

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