Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mac or PC

My friend Sarah swears by her mac. She loves them! She has only owned mac's so I find her opinions about them a little biased. I have only ever owned a PC and just like Sarah my opinion is probably biased too. For college, I caved and got a macbook pro. People said that making the switch would be hard but I have found it fairly easy. I still have no idea which one I prefer! They both have things that I love and things I could live without.

MacBook Pro-

Things I liked-

  • It looks sleek. I will be the first one to admit that Apple makes very nice looking products.
  • Scrolling with two fingers on the track pad. I enjoy using this feature and wish that the PC had an easier way to scroll.
  • The screen seems to look less pixelated.
  • The App store
  • Bluetooth. My phone has it but my PC does not.
Things I didn't like-
  • There is so many useless features on this thing. 
  • I feel like it is set up for left handed people. Ex: The exit icon are on the left compared to a PC where it is on the right.
  • I hate the Microsoft word, excel,etc. They work so much better on the PC.
  • I like a simple right-click that will help me copy & paste,etc. Mac's don't have that with a track pad. I googled how to copy and paste and it is a much longer process then a simple right-click.
  • The price tag

Things I liked-
  • I feel like it is more user friendly. That could be just because I am more use to it but it goes back to the Mac having so many useless features.
  • They have a beautiful working Microsoft Word!
  • Right-click
Things I don't like
  • Windows 8. I don't have it on my PC but when I was using my friends it drove me crazy. 
  • About once a year my computer breaks/gets a virus and I need it cleaned out. I haven't had my mac long enough to see if I have the same problem but I hear they do not get viruses as easily. 

If I had to buy another laptop or desktop I would probably pick PC. The main reason being the cost. We live in a world today where people/business' only care about a profit. They build things not to last because they want us to keep buying over and over again. Apple is no different but their price tag is different. Eventually, all laptops fail and I would like to know that I didn't just spend $1000+ on it. Maybe, PC's end up costing the same in the long run but up front I can't justify the cost.

If money wasn't a factor I would probably go with a Mac. I have an iPad and I may get an iPhone. I like how I can link them all up. It just makes sense going with one brand. Plus, that's what all the "cool" kids are choosing and since money isn't an issue I'll go with the crowd.

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Sarah Moran said...

copy paste is a two button code lol, so quick!