Thursday, August 8, 2013


Starbucks guy: Have you had a good day?
Victoria: We have! We went to the farmers market and randomly decided to get our noses pierced.
Starbucks guy: Really? Next stop is to randomly get a tattoo!
Victoria: That's where we are headed next!
Starbucks guy: (laughs) Of course!
Me: I'm pretty sure he thinks we are kidding.
Victoria: But we are not!

 My friend Victoria was just making a tattoo appointment but we were not lying about going to a tattoo shop.
She loves me because I am random? I'll take that. She is a blonde by the way. Our hair color looks very similar! I can match brunettes, gingers, and blondes! My hair is having an identity crisis!

Well, I'll add nose piercing to my list of "dumb things I will probably regret one day but don't now." It is getting fairly long...

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Laura said...

lets catch up soon! I want to hear what's going on in your life :) Email me...searchingforstarlight at yahoo