Wednesday, August 28, 2013


  • The underclassmen residence halls has no air conditioning. It has been in the 90s since we all arrived. Four students have gone to the hospital for heat related problems. The college has made a ton of buildings open 24/7 so students can get a break. People have even been sleeping in the lounges and getting hotel rooms. Apparently, this is the hottest it has been in a long time during the school year. My fan has become my best friend!
  • I got my first, "Don't come into my room. I'm a bit busy." text from one of my suite mates. I'm glad I'm not sharing a room with her. It is her birthday today. I'll let her off the hook this time. Welcome to college.
  • My roommate and I both love to sleep and we are night owls. I'm not sure if I am glad about this or not. Mornings are terrible with us! Our alarms constantly go off and we continually hit the snooze buttons. 
  • I haven't been taking many pictures. I feel like I should be but I have been to lazy. Oh well.
  • I love not having to be in class from 8-3pm. It is such a waste of time.
  • I really do love college but my high school started a few days ago and I was sad. It feels like yesterday I was sitting in class and goofing off with my friends. It is hard to believe those days are over. 

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