Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fun Thoughts

Time for a venting session! I am really hoping that I can look back on this post and just laugh because everything worked out for the better.
  • I knew that leaving home would be hard, but I guess I never expected that I would miss my friends more than my family. I have a couple of friends that I have had since kindergarten and then I found a whole new set of amazing people in high school. I just clicked with these people and I took that for granted. I don't know anybody here and it is hard not to dwell on the past.
  • I thought skyping people would fix everything! Nope. It just makes me miss those people more.
  • I am scared of failing. So many people have told me that I will be just fine, but it's still scares me. A ton of smart people fail in college. I don't want to work at McDonald's when I am 30!
  • I am already sick of being a freshmen again.
  • I want my moms food. 

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Layne Moran said...

Right?!! Skyping people is fun in the moment but it just sucks in the end! i called my mom today and i asked her about my cat and i almost cried... every time you do bad in school, just sing the "we did better than sarah" song, you will know you can't fail!!;D Your amazing people miss you too doll, i wish i didn't have to wait till thanksgiving for a kiss for a hiss:(