Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

The Girls plus Geno.
Top L-R: Me, Denise, Amanda N. Katie, Tonya, Amanda O., and Geno.
Bottom L-R: Jo and Sue
I decided to head home for Labor Day Weekend.
I am so glad that I did!
I spent one night at home and the rest of the time camping with Eric, Jenae, Katie, Katie's family, and Katie's parents friends.
Katie's parents are big campers.
They have had a group that they camp with for 20 years!
I have gone camping with them since I was about five.
It is kind of embarrassing to think that I use to play house in their campers...
(Tonya and I. aka Katie's Aunt who loves me!)
There camping involves drinking from the time they wake up until the moment they fall asleep.
I have no idea how their livers have survived 20 years of this!
I also have no idea why my mother let her five year old go camping with a bunch of drunk strangers. ha
I'm glad she did though!
I have grown to love these people.

(Jenae (Eric's sister), Me, and Katie after a few.)

The three days and two nights I spent with this group was a blast.
Everyone kept saying, "I cant believe you have grown up so much","You have grown into a beautiful woman", "Who would have thought that the little girl playing house in my camper would one day be able to party hard with us!" I'm sure the alcohol was the reason they kept repeating these things, but it still made me feel good!

(This is a terrible picture of the boy and I. It was the only one I we took.
I had a deep conversation with Katie's dad. We were talking about the importance of friendship. He still hands out with his friends from high school(one of them was actually camping with us!) It made me excited to know that one day, I might be camping with my friends from high school, and telling the next generation about it.  I seriously consider Katie's dad like another dad. When I started dating Eric he gave me the, "boys are only looking for one thing" speech. He was so funny about it and didn't make it awkward at all. He's the best!

One of the nights we set off Chinese lanterns.
It was so beautiful!
I love being eighteen! It is especially great when you are with people that understand that you have grown up. It was nice being treated like an adult!

(My future sister-in-law. It's our inside joke. Even if Eric and I break up we will still pretend.)
It was such a fun weekend! I loved catching up with old friends. I felt very loved this weekend!

This vine is hilarious. It's of Katie's sister and her mom.


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