Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Friday Night

My Friday night in pictures...and a few words.
Sammie and Serena taking a pre-party nap.
They were thrilled with me.

If I decided to become a man that is what I would look like.

Scott and I dancing the night away.
This kid loves to dance and I don't.
We were in a cellar and there was so many people.
It was so hot and everyone was sweating.
Let's take a picture of the stupid choices we are making!

After we met a few friends and went hard it was time for some Pizza.
Walk-up. Drive-up. Same thing in our eyes.

We were hanging out in the gazebo and all of a sudden we see an ambulance, police car, and a fire truck pull up in front of our dorm. We decided to head back and see what all the commotion was about. Apparently, someone in the 3rd floor of my building was dealing with something. It was kind of scary. I hear about this stuff all the time but have never witnessed it.

After talking for about an hour people either headed to their own rooms or just crashed on the floor.

It was a good night for us.
Hopefully, that girl ends up being alright.

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