Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shit My Roommate Tweets: The Final Part

Well, Janine has officially made her twitter private. I'm not 100% its because of me but it's a good bet. Before making it private just tweeted these two beautiful tweets.....

My response? Girl, you need to take a long hard look in your make-up mirror, because tweeting about someone is the same as saying shit behind someones back. Apparently, I should have never showed you kindness, even though I continue to do so.

I guess it's time for my farewell letter...

Dear Janine,

I probably should have followed you on twitter when I found out you had an account or at least confronted you about the false things you were saying. Instead, I took screenshots and blogged about it.    Honestly, I think you should really take your own advice. Tweeting about another individual, without them knowing, is exactly like saying shit behind someone's back. You could have talked to me instead of venting to the twitter world and acting "fake" and "cool" when I talked to you. We were both in the wrong. 

Secondly, I was completely open to being friends with you, but you have not even attempted to be friends with me. When someone attempts to make conversation with you, you're suppose to respond with more than one word. Yes, we are very different people, but you should have given me a chance, even though I am not asian.

Lastly, you're the only person that has a problem with me here. You have pissed off a lot of people by tweeting about them. It's time to take your own advice and mend some fences. 

-Your Roommate 

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