Friday, September 13, 2013

Shit My Roommate Tweets Part 2

The roommate tweeting about me continues.
It's been kind of fun keeping up with her tweets because I get to see how she feels about things.
This is the place where I can clear up some issues and express my own feelings.
If Janine happens to run across this blog, I hope she enjoys reading about my feelings towards her tweets.

If you would like to read part 1 click here.

The real conversation
Me: .....
Janine: .....
That's right! We never discussed going to a party or cam whoring.

Almost a true story.
I thought she had broken something on the bunk bed and that she was going to crush me.
Electrocuted? Never even crossed my mind.

I think you're weird by the stuff I have already seen you do.

I judge you because you talk about me on twitter.
Oh and how you seem to be awake(with the lights on and the TV going) when I'm trying to sleep. Compared to when I get up in the morning and I get ready in the dark.
I wish I could turn on the lights and eat my crunchy cereal, but I am considerate.

Excuse me?
Our bathroom went without toilet paper for days(we just used the bathroom down the hall).
I got sick of it and bought toilet paper for OUR bathroom.
Would it be going to far if I took the toilet paper out of the bathroom and only brought it in when I need it?
That would mean but she would actually have to buy her own.
1. I have yet to even comment on her hair. 
2. I have never had the desire to lick someones hair.
3. I do not smell blue raspberry candy.
Why does she feel the need to lie about what I say?
This one is not personally aimed at me, but I took it personally.
Wisconsin is better.
Example: Who has the better football team? Wisconsin.
Sorry, you're out of luck.
We are talking about next year.
Weren't you just talking about transfering next semester?
I was getting excited about my own room!
Oh and even if it was next semester I highly doubt they would allow one person to get a four person suite to herself. 

This is why we are not friends.
I'm not even the person she was referring too.

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