Friday, September 20, 2013

Shit My Roommate Tweets Part 3

...And my crazy roommate continues to tweet.
She doesn't have many friends here, but that gives her no excuse for 1.Making things up and 2. Being stupid enough to tweet these things and thinking I wouldn't run across it. I sort of hope she runs across this blog and see how ridiculous this whole thing is.

....If only she knew I've been following her for a while!
Interesting character?

I never said that. 
The conversation went like this.....

 Sammie: You have an ear infection? 
Me: Yes! Everything sounds weird in one of my ears.
Sammie: Ear infections are weird! Once I felt like I could breathe through my ear.
Me: Seriously? That's weird.

I think that..
1. I'm not exciting and she has to make up things I say.
2. She just likes making me sound crazy. 
Super white?
I consider that a very racist comment.

No comment.
I would be proud of scaring her without planning it, but since she doesn't exactly have a track record for being honest, I highly doubt this happened.
I am impressed by her transformation.
It's crazy!
I have never informed her on how impressed I am, because that would be rude.
"Hey, you go from mediocre to pretty when you do your make-up!"
Yeah, not happening.
I also do not have time to watch her do her make-up, because I have a life.
Even though that life only consists of homework and studying. :(

What? No. I love being woken up at 2:55am! 
It is my favorite thing when I have an 8am class and a huge exam in a few short hours.

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