Friday, September 27, 2013

Shit My Roommate Tweets Part 4

I am going to go insane!
My roommate needs to calm her tits down or I am going to freak out.
In case you forgot about the previous "Shit my roommate tweets" post you can find them here...

She doesn't mention hating her roommate/suite mate, but this got tweeted right after she overheard my suite mate bitching to us about her. Oops.

You have no idea how excited this makes me!!

I may or may not have given her this cold.
Definitely not someone who only leaves there room to grab food (which she eats in our room) and attend class (which she sometimes skips).
Who will you tweet about!?
I actually love this idea.
You should never share a room with someone!
I would know....
I have so many things to say about this lovely tweet.

Rant #1
Your hair dye smelled like rotten eggs.
Rotten eggs vs. cheese and broth.
What would you prefer?
I havent had cheese in months and I'm sorry for microwaving my chicken noodle soup in my microwave.
Our suite mates have yet to complain about my "cheese and broth" smell yet, they are appalled at the smell you have created.
Bitch, if you want to see me complain, I will.
Simply asking how long the smell will last is not complaining.

Rant #2
You never leave the room!
I am never in the room.
Who's smell is more likely to have overtaken the room?
Get a life and take your nasty smelling hair dye with it.

Rant #3
I asked our suite mates if I smelled like cheese and broth.
Guess what they said?
I asked if you made our suite smell like rotten eggs.
Guess what they said?

I win.