Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smoking and Red Solo Cups

Katie's Grandma: I'm going get high.


Shandell: My mom hated that I started smoking. So whenever she would piss me off, I would start smoking, and say, "This is what you lead me to do!"


Scott: I attended mass and then tried pot for the first time. I feel like such a sinner. Time for confession!

(Conversation on the phone)
Luke: Where are you?
Scott: I went to find Alec and I'm at McDonalds.
Me: I have his shoes. How did he go to McDonalds?
Luke: Where are your shoes, Scott?
Scott: Shit, I don't know.
Luke: Dude, just bring me back a McDouble.

No Name: Look at those rolled up jeans and those flip flops!
Sammie: Stop. You have a girlfriend.
No Name: I was talking about a guy.

A text that told me that I had started a clique with some random girls from the night before.

Brienne(which I found out eventually): Hey girrrrl. Hopefully you remember me, but we met last night and started our own clique :) Still up for lunch?

My suite mates and I are currently using a red solo cup to hold our toothbrushes in the bathroom. We like to keep it classy.

We also found out that we need to supply our own toilet paper in our suite...that none of us asked for. My suite mates found that out and stole some from the bathroom down the hall.

There was a poster on the wall in my residence hall inviting us all to play condom bingo. My friends and I thought it would be fun to go and make fun of it. I thought it would be normal bingo and the prizes would be condoms. Instead, the bingo sheet had sex related terms, everyone got a bag with condoms, and you could win additional condom related prizes. I won a keychain that holds a condom inside of it. I will definitely be putting that on my keys!


Destroying your liver between the bluffs and the river. <----- Winona t-shirt I saw during chem class.

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