Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shit My Roommate Tweets Part 1

That awkward moment when you find your roommate on twitter and see that she tweets about you.

She watches Teen Mom even when I don't say anything!
Trying to make it seem like you don't like it but are forced too?
I love me some Teen Mom. No denying it.

.... at 5:30 in the morning!

This one made me laugh so hard.
I guess I have been a bit nerdy here.

Once again nerd alert. 
What has happened to me?

I didn't even notice.
I was probably studying...

I am white.
When the hell did I become a catholic?
I am not that bad of a neat freak! I like my side clean.
Potentially crazy? As in crazy fun or psycho crazy?
I'll be nice until I cant stand her messy tendencies!

I did not take her for a girl that admits she farts.

At least she cares a little for me...maybe?
That "hahaha" doesn't sound very sincere.

Damn right you would come off as a psycho!
Just forget the fact that I send pictures of the back of her all the time.

I am sure there will be plenty more posts like this, because I plan on not following her on twitter!
This is going to be fun.


Elisebeth said...

Wait, you're not Catholic?! lolol

Layne Moran said...

lol best post ever. you poor girl