Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Gazebo

Taken during the club fair.
My college has a gazebo in the center of the campus. 
It's a gathering place for drunk people at night, a cozy place to talk with people, people bring out guitars and play them,etc.

It reminds me of the fictional town of Stars Hollow.
Actually, my entire campus reminds me of Stars Hollow.
I'm constantly running into people that I know.
 There are always random events going on near the gazebo.
You can walk almost anywhere.

I love my Stars Hallow.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shit My Ex-Roommate Tweets

Well, the roommate has taken her shit and moved out.
Apparently, I am to much to handle or something like that.
She didn't  really give me a reason and I didn't ask.
She did make her twitter public again!

True story.

And that is why you have no friends...or life.

I know! I've been trying to get rid of that smell you brought in with your hair dye with your febreeze!
It has not worked.

Honey, that smell is your fault.
Read above for explanation.
(Edit: Janine has been gone for a few days and the smell is gone. Theory=proven)

Why didn't you hire me!?
Your desk is my #1 complaint.

And you are just a fantastical.

1. We are not hoes.
2. You are not nice.

Friday, October 25, 2013


So I have a professor that likes prying into our lives and asking a lot of questions. We never know if he is seriously asking or just joking around.

Prof: So how many of you went to a kegger this weekend?
Class: (laughs)
Prof: I'm serious. I'm not going to take notes and judge you.
Class: (a few hands go up)
Prof: What kind of drugs are you guys into? Meth?
Megan: We are to broke to afford meth.
Prof: Weed? I once smoked weed in college. I just got lazy and ate an entire bag of doritos. Never did that again.

So my professor sat down next to me and we had this awkward conversation...

Prof: Do you have a main squeeze Rae?
Rae: Are you asking if I have a boyfriend?
Prof: Squeeze, love muffin, boyfriend...
Rae: I do.
Prof: Let's see a picture!
Rae: I dont have one with me.
Prof: Go on Facebook, click on your profile pictures, and Im sure one will pop up.
Rae: Okay.
(Of course this is the first one to pop up)

Prof: That's like a nude picture.
Rae: I didn't know that was going to be the first one to pop up.
Prof: Well, I have now seen you and your boyfriend half-nude.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Teenage Years

Apparently, I really lucked out, because I hit every item on the expectations list.

I also hit a few items on the reality list such as feeling lonely, waking up early, tiredness, college applications, keeping it all bottled up, and spending too much time on the internet. 
The good outweighed the bad.

I wouldn't trade my high school experience for the world.

I feel bad for people that didn't have a good high school experience.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Ask For It

My friend once said to me, "I think you just ask for it. You get to involved with peoples lives and make their problems your own."

I've carried that comment around with me for a while now. I thought it may be true, but I don't think so anymore.

My roommate invited me to attend a party with her. I was going out of town for the night so I didn't go with her. The next night she seemed a bit out of it, but not enough for me to question anything. A week later she still seemed off and I asked her if everything was all right.

She told me that she was raped at that party. The next night she used her razor to cut herself out of shame of what happened.

I wish it was as simple as "I ask for it" and "I get to involved with peoples lives" because I'm tired of never having the right words to say and not knowing how to help someone that doesn't want help, but needs it.

I want to just brush off their problems and focus on my own.

I wish I didn't care about people and their problems.

I wish I could just brush off their comments.

I wish it was a simple as I "ask for it", because then I could just stopping asking and then I could stop caring.

Until I figure out a way to repel people and their problems, I'm just going to keep pretending that I can handle people and their problems.

Friday, October 18, 2013


I know a lot of people do not follow politics, especially people in my generation. Politics has gotten a bad rap. It's boring, it's corrupt, it doesn't matter,etc. We think it is easier to ignore the problems and hope that someone else makes a good decision on our behalf. It scares me when I see the direction my country is heading, but do you know what scares me more? People that don't voice their opinion and just go with the flow when it comes to politics. Clearly, that approach is not working.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'm part of a club that plans events for the college. We are planning our big spring concert and asked people to fill out a comment sheet on what they wanted/didn't want.

Note: You need to stop bringing christian and country bands, because that's racist.

Kristin: First, we haven't brought a christian band. Somebody else brought Skillet. Two, bringing country bands is not being racist. Whoever wrote this is probably racist.

I was have some issues with my laptop. I walked into Tech Support and all of a sudden I get to witness this conversation..

Front Desk Lady #1: Shut up!
Lady #2: What happened?
#1: I cannot believe this is happening!
#2: What's happening?
#1: This is unreal.
#2: You need to put some more detail into this conversation.
#1: (Shows laptop screen) Pregnant lady playing basketball.
#2: That's wrong.
Front Desk Lady #1: Right?! (looks at me) How can I help you?


Shandell: I once had to pick my mother up from a bar. It was a terrible experience. She was so wasted and I had to drag her from the dance floor to my car. I was like, "My stop doing the damn hokey pokey. You look ridiculous and we need to go home."

I should not be having a conversation, over text, with more than one person. I tend to text people the wrong response.

Julie: How's college!?!
Me: I don't remember
Julie: You don't remember how college is going haha
Me: Oh that's embarrassing. That response was meant for someone else. haha but it fits well for the question!
Julie: haha I figured but it's funny.

Me: I told my cousin that I was shopping with my friend Shandell and...
Shandell: She thought I was black didn't she?
Me: Well she asked that too, but I wasn't going to tell you that, because I know how touchy that subject is.
Shandell: I hate my parents.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Roommate Problems

Roommate Update:

I have been missing being able to spy on Janine via twitter. I see her posting all the time, but maybe it is for the best that I don't know what new lies she is spewing out.

So here is the latest update. Janine, if you are reading my blog, please read closely. It's for your own good.

1. De-friended

She has de-friended me and my suite mates on Facebook. I have no idea why. It's not like she ever posted anything except her overly edited selfies.

2. Toilet Paper

We ran out of toilet the other day. Yes, when you have the privilege of a private bathroom in the dorms you have to buy your own toilet paper (At least that is what our RA told us, but she doesn't like the girl that asked. So we think she might be lying.) So I know Janine had a few rolls in her closet and yet she made us go days without it and we were all forced to use the peasants bathroom. One day a roll magically appeared and I asked if she placed it in the bathroom. She looked confused and then said, "Oh yea." Given her response I am convinced she has not been sharing her toilet paper and brings it back and forth from the bathroom. She just happened to forget about her little plan. Fyi, Janine nobody likes toilet that is like sandpaper.

*Yes, I did just complain about my roommate not sharing toilet paper.*

3. Famous 

She wants to become a famous fashion designer in NYC. I really hope this happens, because I have so many stories about her that I could sell to the tabloids! I might even get to be interviewed for TV, because I have some stories worth pure gold.

4. The Chips, The Sandwich, etc.

This is her desk on a good day.

I'm convinced that she needs to be famous in order to find a husband. I do not agree with the idea that a woman should cook and clean for her husband, but for this complaints sake, lets pretend I do. She is the messiest person ever! There has been a sandwich sitting on her desk for the past 3 days. Doesn't the meat and cheese get bad?! She will have multiple plates and bowls pile up until she can't fit her laptop on her desk anymore. That is when she finally cleans! She has so many water bottles and cans laying around the room. I'm convinced she uses water bottles as decorations, because I have no other explanation for the random places she has them located. She has also had a bag of chips, laying open on the heater, that has been sitting there since the first week of school. I have wanted to throw that away for so long, but I am not her mother and she should be able to clean up after herself!
All of her junk on the heater.

She either needs to be rich and famous or marry someone rich because...

1. She is only trophy wife material.... or at least she is when she wears make-up. <---She admitted it herself with one of her tweets.
2. She would need to hire a few maids.
The open bag of chips.

5. The Socks

She falls asleep with her socks on, she kicks them off in the middle of the day(she doesnt sleep at night), and they fall unto my bed. I am disgusted whenever I find her socks in my bed. No one wants someones dirty, sweaty socks near them. You would think she would take the hint when I chuck them across the room in disgust. This is a biweekly occurance.

6. The Smell

Somedays she smells terrible! The first time it happened I blamed it on her being sick with a cold. The next few times she had no excuse! Just because you have hair that does not need to be washed everyday, does not mean your body doesn't need to be washed EVERY day. You are in college! How have you not learned when to take a shower? Your college roommate should not have to open the window and turn on the fan at midnight(when it was freezing cold outside) just to be able to breath.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have wanted to be a nurse since I was five years old. I of course had many other plans, but they all led right back to nursing. So why do I have this intense desire to become a teacher during my first month of college? I called my mom on the phone to talk about it and I started crying. I rarely cry. I'm suppose to want to become a nurse, not a teacher!

I have this entire semester to truly think about what I want to do. To be honest I'm really leaning towards getting an education major....

In other news....

I applied for a study abroad opportunity that goes to England and Ireland. It is the most popular study abroad class, is only open to nursing and HERS majors, it has only 25 spots open, and is extremely difficult to get into. I got an email a few days ago from a lady asking if I could come in and talk to her about my application. Apparently, out of 60 applications mine was chosen and she wondered if I felt comfortable being the only under-classmen that was selected. I of course had to tell her that I was debating changing my major. She was completely understanding and said that I could still go if I wanted too.


I have always wanted to do a travel study, I have always wanted to go to England and Ireland, and I finally have the opportunity to do both, but I'm thinking about changing my major.

Why is life so complicated?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Wake Up

What I manage to do before my roommate wakes up:

  • Wake up and get ready.
  • Notice I have time to take a 10 minute nap before class.
  • Attend my developmental psych class for an hour and twenty minutes.
  • Take an hour nap.
  • Say some not to nice things to the guy mowing the grass outside my window.
  • Attend my chemistry class.
  • Get soaking wet in the rain while walking back to my dorm.
  • Put my colored clothes into the washer.
  • Study in lounge
  • Rent a pot to cook noodles in
  • Cook some noodles
  • Clean the pot
  • Eat my noodles
  • Take my colored clothes and put them in the dryer.
  • Put my whites in the washer.
  • Study in lounge
  • Watch sad video on YouTube
  • Call mom.
  • Get white clothes and put them in dryer with colored clothes.
  • Study in lounge
  • Return to room and change clothes
  • Walk to parking lot(my car is parked far away!)
  • Go to post office to buy the letter Syd wrote me. (That girl needs to learn how many stamps you need in order to send a letter!)
  • Go to Walmart
  • Find parking spot super close to my dorm
  • Put away groceries
I love sleeping in past noon! She sleeps until 3pm or later. I have stuff I need to get done in my room, but I don't want to wake her up. I miss having my own room!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

5 O'Clock

Sammie: I was going to join a sorority, but I lost the bid, because I was running around drunk.

Random Girl: So I was running late for work and I had to go change. Right when I got to my building the firm alarm went off! I was so pissed. Seriously, what was I going to tell my boss? "Sorry, I am twenty-one years old and my apartment building still does fire drills." I wouldn't believe it.

Me: Im going to give away your email to a ton of religious things! You will get daily devotions, bible verses of the day, and invites to a ton of christian events.
Serena: Stop threatening me! That would be so mean.

So I told my suite mates that I had an abundance of condoms(Thank you Condom Bingo) and that I was willing to share anytime. I went out of town on Friday and this was the text conversation I had that night...

Serena: I need to go into your room to get a condom, but I will get judged.
(5 minutes later)
Me: Top drawer in my closet. Behind my underwear. Had to hide them, because it was parents week.
Serena: Thanks!!! Can I take a trojan?
Me: Go ahead.
Serena: Love you so much :)

Ashley: Look at all of this stuff I found!
Kristin: You are doing some good creepin'
Ashley: It's called investigating. My abilities are getting so good!

One of my suite mates tweet an hour, before I dragged her to a bible study dinner.
I'm pretty sure God forgave her.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A thought to ponder

While studying for my speech midterm I ran across a quote that got me thinking.

"You may see yourself as shy because when you were a child your parents, relatives, and teachers told you so. In later life, this may no longer be as true, yet you may still cling to an outdated view of self."
- J. Dan Rothwell

How often do we cling to outdated views of ourselves? I know I do. Sometimes those outdated views can hold you back from accepting who you have become, because we are so stuck on who we use to be.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Party animals

This is how we spent our Friday night with Janine(my roommate and their suite mate) out of town.