Saturday, October 5, 2013

5 O'Clock

Sammie: I was going to join a sorority, but I lost the bid, because I was running around drunk.

Random Girl: So I was running late for work and I had to go change. Right when I got to my building the firm alarm went off! I was so pissed. Seriously, what was I going to tell my boss? "Sorry, I am twenty-one years old and my apartment building still does fire drills." I wouldn't believe it.

Me: Im going to give away your email to a ton of religious things! You will get daily devotions, bible verses of the day, and invites to a ton of christian events.
Serena: Stop threatening me! That would be so mean.

So I told my suite mates that I had an abundance of condoms(Thank you Condom Bingo) and that I was willing to share anytime. I went out of town on Friday and this was the text conversation I had that night...

Serena: I need to go into your room to get a condom, but I will get judged.
(5 minutes later)
Me: Top drawer in my closet. Behind my underwear. Had to hide them, because it was parents week.
Serena: Thanks!!! Can I take a trojan?
Me: Go ahead.
Serena: Love you so much :)

Ashley: Look at all of this stuff I found!
Kristin: You are doing some good creepin'
Ashley: It's called investigating. My abilities are getting so good!

One of my suite mates tweet an hour, before I dragged her to a bible study dinner.
I'm pretty sure God forgave her.

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