Friday, October 25, 2013


So I have a professor that likes prying into our lives and asking a lot of questions. We never know if he is seriously asking or just joking around.

Prof: So how many of you went to a kegger this weekend?
Class: (laughs)
Prof: I'm serious. I'm not going to take notes and judge you.
Class: (a few hands go up)
Prof: What kind of drugs are you guys into? Meth?
Megan: We are to broke to afford meth.
Prof: Weed? I once smoked weed in college. I just got lazy and ate an entire bag of doritos. Never did that again.

So my professor sat down next to me and we had this awkward conversation...

Prof: Do you have a main squeeze Rae?
Rae: Are you asking if I have a boyfriend?
Prof: Squeeze, love muffin, boyfriend...
Rae: I do.
Prof: Let's see a picture!
Rae: I dont have one with me.
Prof: Go on Facebook, click on your profile pictures, and Im sure one will pop up.
Rae: Okay.
(Of course this is the first one to pop up)

Prof: That's like a nude picture.
Rae: I didn't know that was going to be the first one to pop up.
Prof: Well, I have now seen you and your boyfriend half-nude.

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