Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'm part of a club that plans events for the college. We are planning our big spring concert and asked people to fill out a comment sheet on what they wanted/didn't want.

Note: You need to stop bringing christian and country bands, because that's racist.

Kristin: First, we haven't brought a christian band. Somebody else brought Skillet. Two, bringing country bands is not being racist. Whoever wrote this is probably racist.

I was have some issues with my laptop. I walked into Tech Support and all of a sudden I get to witness this conversation..

Front Desk Lady #1: Shut up!
Lady #2: What happened?
#1: I cannot believe this is happening!
#2: What's happening?
#1: This is unreal.
#2: You need to put some more detail into this conversation.
#1: (Shows laptop screen) Pregnant lady playing basketball.
#2: That's wrong.
Front Desk Lady #1: Right?! (looks at me) How can I help you?


Shandell: I once had to pick my mother up from a bar. It was a terrible experience. She was so wasted and I had to drag her from the dance floor to my car. I was like, "My stop doing the damn hokey pokey. You look ridiculous and we need to go home."

I should not be having a conversation, over text, with more than one person. I tend to text people the wrong response.

Julie: How's college!?!
Me: I don't remember
Julie: You don't remember how college is going haha
Me: Oh that's embarrassing. That response was meant for someone else. haha but it fits well for the question!
Julie: haha I figured but it's funny.

Me: I told my cousin that I was shopping with my friend Shandell and...
Shandell: She thought I was black didn't she?
Me: Well she asked that too, but I wasn't going to tell you that, because I know how touchy that subject is.
Shandell: I hate my parents.

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