Monday, October 14, 2013

Roommate Problems

Roommate Update:

I have been missing being able to spy on Janine via twitter. I see her posting all the time, but maybe it is for the best that I don't know what new lies she is spewing out.

So here is the latest update. Janine, if you are reading my blog, please read closely. It's for your own good.

1. De-friended

She has de-friended me and my suite mates on Facebook. I have no idea why. It's not like she ever posted anything except her overly edited selfies.

2. Toilet Paper

We ran out of toilet the other day. Yes, when you have the privilege of a private bathroom in the dorms you have to buy your own toilet paper (At least that is what our RA told us, but she doesn't like the girl that asked. So we think she might be lying.) So I know Janine had a few rolls in her closet and yet she made us go days without it and we were all forced to use the peasants bathroom. One day a roll magically appeared and I asked if she placed it in the bathroom. She looked confused and then said, "Oh yea." Given her response I am convinced she has not been sharing her toilet paper and brings it back and forth from the bathroom. She just happened to forget about her little plan. Fyi, Janine nobody likes toilet that is like sandpaper.

*Yes, I did just complain about my roommate not sharing toilet paper.*

3. Famous 

She wants to become a famous fashion designer in NYC. I really hope this happens, because I have so many stories about her that I could sell to the tabloids! I might even get to be interviewed for TV, because I have some stories worth pure gold.

4. The Chips, The Sandwich, etc.

This is her desk on a good day.

I'm convinced that she needs to be famous in order to find a husband. I do not agree with the idea that a woman should cook and clean for her husband, but for this complaints sake, lets pretend I do. She is the messiest person ever! There has been a sandwich sitting on her desk for the past 3 days. Doesn't the meat and cheese get bad?! She will have multiple plates and bowls pile up until she can't fit her laptop on her desk anymore. That is when she finally cleans! She has so many water bottles and cans laying around the room. I'm convinced she uses water bottles as decorations, because I have no other explanation for the random places she has them located. She has also had a bag of chips, laying open on the heater, that has been sitting there since the first week of school. I have wanted to throw that away for so long, but I am not her mother and she should be able to clean up after herself!
All of her junk on the heater.

She either needs to be rich and famous or marry someone rich because...

1. She is only trophy wife material.... or at least she is when she wears make-up. <---She admitted it herself with one of her tweets.
2. She would need to hire a few maids.
The open bag of chips.

5. The Socks

She falls asleep with her socks on, she kicks them off in the middle of the day(she doesnt sleep at night), and they fall unto my bed. I am disgusted whenever I find her socks in my bed. No one wants someones dirty, sweaty socks near them. You would think she would take the hint when I chuck them across the room in disgust. This is a biweekly occurance.

6. The Smell

Somedays she smells terrible! The first time it happened I blamed it on her being sick with a cold. The next few times she had no excuse! Just because you have hair that does not need to be washed everyday, does not mean your body doesn't need to be washed EVERY day. You are in college! How have you not learned when to take a shower? Your college roommate should not have to open the window and turn on the fan at midnight(when it was freezing cold outside) just to be able to breath.

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