Monday, October 7, 2013

Wake Up

What I manage to do before my roommate wakes up:

  • Wake up and get ready.
  • Notice I have time to take a 10 minute nap before class.
  • Attend my developmental psych class for an hour and twenty minutes.
  • Take an hour nap.
  • Say some not to nice things to the guy mowing the grass outside my window.
  • Attend my chemistry class.
  • Get soaking wet in the rain while walking back to my dorm.
  • Put my colored clothes into the washer.
  • Study in lounge
  • Rent a pot to cook noodles in
  • Cook some noodles
  • Clean the pot
  • Eat my noodles
  • Take my colored clothes and put them in the dryer.
  • Put my whites in the washer.
  • Study in lounge
  • Watch sad video on YouTube
  • Call mom.
  • Get white clothes and put them in dryer with colored clothes.
  • Study in lounge
  • Return to room and change clothes
  • Walk to parking lot(my car is parked far away!)
  • Go to post office to buy the letter Syd wrote me. (That girl needs to learn how many stamps you need in order to send a letter!)
  • Go to Walmart
  • Find parking spot super close to my dorm
  • Put away groceries
I love sleeping in past noon! She sleeps until 3pm or later. I have stuff I need to get done in my room, but I don't want to wake her up. I miss having my own room!

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